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Passion Poem part 5

March 28, 2012
By Tom Baideme - March 2010

Finally here with Caiaphas

Now early morning at his house

Wait for me to blasphemy

Wait for me to seal my fate

With covered face I feel the blows

Of the hand of sees against my face

"Prophesy, you Son of God

"Which one of us just smote you now?"

In the darkness of the hood

In the silence I still can hear

In the courtyard Peter first fane of knowing me

And the first crow to signal morn

Now eyes uncovered I can see

Peter milling through the crowd

Half in hiding from his retort

Of his ignorance of knowing me

Then someone sees him and exclaims

Thought he saw both together yesterday

Again denies he's never met

This man of whom you say I know

Now Peter speeding through the crowd

Trying to escape his lies

I can hear him walking through the nave

Where someone questioned where he's from

You're a Galilean that I see

And I'm sure was one of them

So Peter says it's some mistake

And swears don't even know the man

Just then I turn my head to see

Peter looking caught my eye

And then he heard that crow again

Sulks away to weep and hide

Later after so much scorn

It's time to go to Pilate's place

To have him judge and sentence there

For crimes the sees insist are real

There on porch and throne he sits

I'm brought before him to be judged

What witnesses have you brought today

That your clam he's king is false

Well Jesus, what have you to say

About these claims that you're the king

I say that I don't claim, they do

Then stay silent like a lamb

Jesus, don't you know I hold

Your fate of life is in my hand

To crucify or set you free

Why won't you plead your case today?



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