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Passion Poem part 4

March 21, 2012
By Tom Baideme - March 2010 , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Still at the table those remained

Now arguing of who's the best

To sit beside me on the throne

Not believing they'll run off like sheep

After supper go to the garden

Gethsemane not very far from here

Asked the band to stay and wait

While I go near the rocks to pray

At the rock amidst of prayer

Body shakes, eyes start to well

"Dear Father looking down on me

"I wish you'd take this cup away"

"Still I know this is the path

"'twas this that I was born to be

"To save your people from their sins

"Ill do what ever that you will"

I return back to find the band

Sleeping sitting at the trees

"Awake you all, and be on guard

"In case some body comes for me"

To the rock again I kneel

Pray more in earnest than before

But I know the plan by heart

Knowing my death will come today

Again return and find the same

All asleep no one at post

"Awake again, and take your watch

"See ahead they've come at last"

Through the dark the flames appear

From torches lighting up their way

Marching guards being lead by sees

And Judas advances with them as well

All stop but Judas as he nears

Face to face to peck my cheek

"Is this the signal that you told

"Will be the person that you kiss?"

The guards advance and close on me

But suddenly a whirling sword attacks

On a guard removes his ear

But that's not the way to act tonight

I pick the appendage from the ground

Return it to its side of head

My followers should know that if in need

Angels will come and fight for me

So as the guards and sees retreat

With me in hand to meet my fate

Now my followers are on the run

Scattered, as I said, like sheep



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