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Just Outside My Door 03/08/12

March 14, 2012
By ELAINE G. COLE - CORRESPONDENT ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

The month of March arrived a week ago and the groundhog predicted six more weeks of winter. Nevertheless, as of last Friday we have received very little snow. Actually, it has been warmer than normal and it was 50 plus degrees one day. I went outside without a jacket. The sun was shining brightly and everything looked fresh and new. I was reminded of the poem "God washed the world last night." To my surprise I found snowdrops blooming just outside my door and in the border and daffodils were peeking out of their winter beds. I went for a short walk praising God for His glorious preview of spring.

Most folks look forward to spring with great expectation, especially if they live in the north or don't spend winter in a warmer climate. The past 10 or 15 years, we have spent the month of March in Florida. It has been nice to visit my sisters and sometimes grandchildren living in the Carolinas on the way. We enjoyed their earlier spring and warm weather. However, this year we stayed cozy in our home in Sherman. Recently I was thinking about winter when our children were growing up and I'm reminded that at the time, I thought I was very busy and never was a dull day. Nowadays I still think I'm very busy, seldom bored, but I recognize that it's really that I work slower so I don't accomplish nearly as much in a day as I did before I hit 70. My body rebels after a few hours of work and I'm not as agile as I was once.

I have never regretted being a stay-at-home mother most of the time. Sure, there were sometime problems, but growing up I always wanted to be a homemaker and mother. Actually I wouldn't have minded having more than five children, though I eventually knew we had enough to keep me busy. One time I wrote about all the "hats" a mother wears and there are many. My most important job, according to God's Word and my wedding vows, was to let my husband be the head of our home. It took some years for me to learn that truth, but he is easy going and was never demanding. He was a great help in caring for our children and helped in other tasks.

As for all the "hats" a mom wears, first of all loving and caring for ones husband is the most important "hat." Others included being a cook, being a children sitter and caring for their needs, wash lady, nurse, peace keeper - when possible - seamstress, game player and shopper. Also a taxi driver, baker, mender of hearts, cleaning lady, encourager and sometimes caring for our kid's pony, Champ and Rebel the horse. As for me, I served in many capacities at our church, Bill and I were youth leaders at one time and I don't remember the rest of the "hats."

Many of the aforesaid tasks I don't have to do nowadays because our children are grown up. When I see a baby, I often wish I still had children, especially a newborn child. I'm thankful, however, I don't because my body objects when I try to do too much. I still have lots of young ones to love including our 22 grand and great grandkids and it's not my job to care for them daily. I see most of them regularly and sometimes keep one or more for a day or even overnight. When they come, I don't have to think about doing any work, I can just love them, spend time with them and even play with them. Just play with them.

I'm also glad I have a gal to do my heavy cleaning and a boy to do most of my gardening and other outdoor tasks. Much of the time I have the freedom to pick what I do every day. Although I use to love cooking and baking, nowadays I never complain about going out for a meal because it's a much bigger task making meals. I don't entertain as much now either for that too is harder even though Bill helps a lot when we do.

In these senior days, we have much to be thankful for such as fairly good health, discounts in many activities, children, friends, our pastor and wife and especially our kids and grandchildren who are always available when we have a need and often drop in to see how we are doing. Thus we are happy and blessed. Life continues to be great and we look forward to our Heavenly home and all the joys we will have there, no pain or death and the Son will be our light forever because we met our Savior many years ago.



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