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Passion Poem part 3

March 14, 2012
By Tom Baideme - March 2010

Soon we beg for crowds to leave

So we can go and prepare to dine

With band and kin set at last

All gathered at the home of Simon

But than a local woman known

As the one I saved from stones before

Who followed us since her reprieve

From the hand of sinners and their stones

But she washes feet with tears

And then dries them with her hair

Then takes a fragrant jar of nard

And starts applying to my head

But Judas, treasurer of the band

Of disciples gathered here tonight

Argues we could sell the jar

And give it to the needy few

Ho Judas, if you only knew

What woes befall this band tonight

For the poor will be here always

But my time here is running short

Later in an upper room

A Passover feast prepared for us

But before we start to sup

Make a prayer and toast for everyone

"Please take all you gathered here

"Take loaf, break off, and pass

"And from now on this blessed toast

"Will be my body broke for you"

Again with wine I bless and toast

"Take my cup and pass to all

"And from now on this wine will be

"My blood poured out for everyone"

"And do this every chance you get

"To all the faithful followers who

"Will gather round you when I'm gone

"My death brought on by one of thee"

"How can this be?" the band retorts

"Who of us would stoop so low

"as to cause you pain or death?"

Everyone queries, "Is it I?"

"One of you who sups with me

"Will go and do the dirty deed"

Now all crying, "It's not I,

I'd go endure the pain with you."

"Oh dear Peter, you think you're strong

"You think you'd bear the pain I'll feel

"I'll tell you this morning before twice crowed

"Thrice deny I'm even known"

Again among themselves they ponder

What to do if this comes true

At the bowl my hand meets Judas'

"Go and do what you're about"

He leaves to do the deed at hand

Thinking things will be okay

To turn me over to the men

Who take offense to Jews I'm king



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