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Passion Poem part 2

March 7, 2012
By Tom Baideme - March 2010 , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

They're upset 'cause of deeds I've done

And tales that I'm the virgin's son

The miracle of decades past

That brought the Son of God to earth

In these few days inside the gate

Again the growing crowd repeats

Bringing old and newborns for just a view

Others inflicted in need of touch

Spit to dust to make men see

Others know just a touch they need

With every cure the murmur grows

Like the throng that crowds the street

So thick outside no one can move

But doesn't stop the desperate few

From gaining access to the roof

To lower loved ones in need inside

And again a Roman Guard

Approaches through the crowd to me

For a chance to plead his daughter's case

For just a chance to hear the word

He says he's not a worthy man

That you should come and apply your touch

But being a regimental man

Knows just my words would be enough

And so I did as pleaded to me

Gave the healing words and vows

That all he's asked was done today

Return to family and rejoice with God

Or the lady thought unclean

Suffering from a blood disease

Hides at corners in my path

Just a chance my cloak to touch

As I felt my power drain away

I stop with all the crowd around

Asked who touched and took from me

Disciples ask how I can tell

From a little part here in the crowd

Sure enough this ill matron stood

Said she needed more than view

To procure the need of just a touch

But who am I to give to dogs

What was meant for chosen few to eat

Reminded me who gets the crumbs

And made a most compelling case

I told her that her faith was strong

And would be done as your request

To be healed with just that touch

She got to do at garment's edge



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