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High five for use of Moore Park

March 7, 2012
Deanne Vaughn , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

This is a rebuttal to the "Ice rink is not a welcome neighbor" column posted in last weeks paper. I was happy to see the ice rink at set up as a wonderful addition to activities offered for our children's benefit this winter in Westfield. I can remember when I was a child myself enjoying ice skating at the same area it was set up on this year. The difference is this is a weird year and the weather has just not cooperated. Sure it is just a puddle of water, but I applaud the Town of Westfield and the Village for trying this and it just did not work out this year. It did not get cold enough. I think it is funny that this disgruntled female says at the beginning of her tirade that "Many of us" say things about being unhappy. At the end of her spiel there is only one signature - hers.

Going on to the Arts and Crafts Festival, the Farmers Market and different groups that use the park for functions. Keep on going Westfield. I feel we are so blessed to have fresh fruits, craftsmen/women, the Amish coming here to bring their wares for sale in our community. The Festival is once a year and the Farmer's Market is once a week. I believe manure is organic and there is not that much to worry about. Horse urine, come on. You know dogs and cats pee and do the other function in that park also, and more than just once a week. I wish we had more hitching posts and more Amish coming into the town than we do. Please do not let one woman's babbling try to ruin our fantastic town. High five Westfield.

Deanne Vaughn

Village of Westfield



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