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Just Outside My Door 02/23/12

February 29, 2012
By ELAINE G. COLE - CORRESPONDENT ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

As I sat at my desk last Friday to write, just outside my door it was mostly cloudy, there with little wind, the thermometer on our back porch read 36 degrees. Once again the new snow we had received the week before was nearly gone except in a few shady places like in the woods or where it had been pilled up like it was next to the Brosius Park in Sherman. Although we have received a total of 96 inches of snow here, that is far less than we normally get. We also had several sunny days again with temperatures in the low 40's. As I pondered that fact, I wondered what the folk who lived here some decades ago would think if they were here now. I've read about the great amount of snow they often got in those yesteryears.

Speaking of those long ago days reminds me of the five series of Time Life books I have been reading and greatly enjoying in recent days. It was a set my mom had purchased years ago. They look similar to magazines. Each copy is entitled "This Fabulous Century," and they includes the years 1930 through 1970. The books were red and the cover pictures featured well-known people during the era such as Billy Graham, Frank Sinatra, soldiers fighting in a land-water battle, Mickey Mantle and President and Mrs. Roosevelt.

Each book had many pictures of various things that took place during the 10 year era it spoke of and information about many of the things that took place during each 10 year period. Probably some of you remember the happenings in those years, but I think many of you would enjoy reading about those eras. I found those years were especially interesting and fun to read about. The pictures were great as was the prose that went with them. Just reading about all the changes that have taken place in our great country was neat. Even if some of you are not particularly interested in the history, I think one would at least like the pictures and various quotations that sometimes preceded the descriptions of the years.

For instance, the 1920's-1930's begins with "An Age of Sheiks and Shebas," quote by Warner Fabian, "They're all desperadoes, these kids, all of them with any life in their veins; the girls as well as the boys; maybe more than the boys." The page entitled "Fame, Fortune and Folly" in the same book begins with a statement from the United Press Dispatch from Warsaw, Ind., "Clarence Tillman, 17, local high school student, put 40 sticks of chewing gum in his mouth at one time, sang 'Home, Sweet Home,' and between verses of the song, drank a gallon of milk." I guess kids have not changed too much in some ways, over the years.

I don't know if this series of books are available in any library or if it is still in print, but if it is, I suggest anyone that would like to read them, check at a library or on the Internet to see if they are available.



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