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Chautauqua Lake Central School Students of the Month — Januray

February 29, 2012
Westfield Republican

MAYVILLE - Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School, honored for January achievements, are Gregory Hoitink, Anna Gerber, Mariana Mathewson, Forrest Hunter, Catherine Meadows and Taylor Phelps. The student recognition program honors students in grades seven through 12 whose classroom performance, attitude toward learning, work ethic and extra-curricular activities set them apart.

Senior Gregory Hoitink is the son of Pete and Lorene Hoitink of Mayville. Physics and motor sports fabrication are Gregory's favorite subjects. He is a member of the Erie Junior Philharmonic and has participated in several musicals in the area. Recently Gregory had a role in The Lucille Ball Little Theater's production of "Ring of Fire." He is a member of National Honor Society, National Technical Honor Society, Skills USA, Science Olympiad and the High School Bowl academic team. Hobbies include flying remote control airplanes and working on cars and machinery. The University of Northwestern Ohio is Gregory's choice for college, where he will study high performance motor sports and engine building. When asked what person in history he admires, Gregory chose Robert E. Lee because at times of hardship Lee never wavered in loyalty to his family, and he stood up for what he believed. To be another person for a day, Gregory chose Barack Obama, so he could know what the President does each day that merits payment for life.

English, history and French are the favorite subjects of junior Anna Gerber, daughter of John and Tara Gerber of Mayville. Anna is a member of the French Club, National Honor Society, Student Administration and the school newspaper, "The Bird's Beak." She enjoys playing the flute and is a member of the band. Tennis, writing, reading and studying are activities that interest Anna, and she plans to attend college after high school. The person in history that Anna admires is Emily Bronte "just because she wrote my favorite book, 'Wuthering Heights.'" To be another person for a day, Anna said, "No one. I like being me."

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Gregory Hoitink

Sophomore Mariana Elsa Mathewson, who is the daughter of Kathleen Kennedy of Chautauqua and Kent Mathewson of Baton Rouge, La., chose English, history, chemistry, child development and chorale as her favorite subjects. She participates in High School Bowl, the school newspaper, "The Bird's Beak," and the French and Spanish Club. This spring she plans to compete in varsity track. Outside of school, Mariana plays cello with the Erie Junior Philharmonic, first stand and the Junior Philharmonic String Ensemble; she takes private lessons with Marian Byard. Other interests include ballet, creative writing, reading, knitting, sewing, embroidery, making jewelry and playing the piano and Irish fiddle. Mariana's plans following high school are to pursue a career in music education or journalism, and maybe both. The person in history she most admires is British cellist Jacqueline DuPre, who always smiled and played emphatically. To be another person for a day, Mariana said, "I don't think I would want to be anyone else. I am very happy being me."

Forrest L. Hunter is the son of Gregory and Kristine Hunter of Mayville. Forrest is a freshman who enjoys global studies, math and gym. He plans to compete in varsity track this spring. He enjoys snowmobiling, dirt biking and camping and listening to rap music and a little country. Outside of school, he has a part-time job at Webb's and likes to hang out with his friends. The Air Force Academy is his goal after high school. Forrest really admires his father, because he served in the Air Force and is Forrest's inspiration to study at the Academy. He said, "I wouldn't want to be any person for a day because I am happy with who I am and the life I have."

Catherine Elaine Meadows, an eighth grader, is the daughter of Roy and Joanne Meadows of Sherman. Catherine's favorite subjects are chorus, band and English, and she is a member of the junior varsity volleyball team and modified basketball team and also coaches Cheetah volleyball. Catherine will perform in the school musical, "Happy Days," on March 9 and 10. Outside of school she plays the piano, saxophone and bass guitar; she plays in her church band and is a member of the Small Tour Players. She enjoys baking and creative writing. Her long-range plans include attending SUNY Fredonia to major in music performance and minor in English. The person Catherine admires in history is actress and singer-songwriter Emmy Rossum because she played Christine Daa in "Phantom of the Opera" at age 16. If she could be another person for a day, Catherine would choose volleyball coach David Sturm. She says he is intelligent, kind, hard-working and well-respected by everyone who knows him.

Seventh grader Taylor Phelps is the daughter of William Phelps and Katie Phelps of Stow. Taylor's favorite classes are English, social studies and math, and she plays soccer and basketball. She will perform in the school musical, "Happy Days," in March. Outside of school, Taylor plays the piano and softball. After high school, she wants to attend college, perhaps Notre Dame, and enjoy a great career. Rosa Parks is the person in history Taylor most admires because she stood up for herself for the right to sit wherever she wanted on the bus. Wanting to try to help the nation, Taylor would like to be the President for a day.

Teachers Marlea Brown and Amy Redman coordinate the Student of the Month recognition program in the secondary school.



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