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Passion Poem part 1

February 29, 2012
By Tom Baideme - March 2010 , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

I don't believe this entourage

That's gathered here around this colt

Procured for me to ride today

To celebrate the arrival of my friends and I

I can't believe how much it's grown

This throng that always follows me

Twelve of mine the best of men

My mother, brother, friends of kin

I'm more amazed at hundreds now

Who gather for a touch and prayer

To hear the spoken words of hope

To hear the parables I speak

If they only knew what must befall

Before this Holy Week will end

My arrival will just begin the start

Of the passion to be bestowed on me

If they could only see inside

The future visions that I've seen

Would even make the strongest shake

Of plans and fate I must endure

To Jerusalem we go, my band and I

For Passover at a table yet unknown

But still there things that must be done

Before it's time for the repast

Now inside the city walls

After entering through the water gate

There to cleanse my soul and feet

After miles and miles of dusty road

Then a commotion caught my ear

As I proceed on my way

To find some people all with stones

To hurl at some maiden there

Some elder comes and beckons me

As Rabbi, tell us we're in the right

As written down in Moses' Law

That for her sin she must be stoned

I answer that the law is right

And should be punished for her sins

But let those among you free of sin

Be the first to judge by stones

To the temple we progress

But find the going slow and rough

Blocked by money changer stands

Till I could take their sin no more

I said you took my father's house

And turned it to a den of thieves

So I turned the tables one by one

To dump the contents on the floor

Of course it caught the local eyes

Of the sees of power there

They more than hope for my demise

And start their plans to have me killed



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