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Loss of freedoms

February 15, 2012
Wanda Bentley , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

Let's address the issues involving the proposed regional high school bill. The proposition has been reported in newspapers to make the public aware of the steps involved, yet they have yet to mention that your elected officials and school boards want to take away our American right to vote. Let's refer back to the Jamestown Post-Journal article of August 2, 2010 which reads, "'Taking the vote away from the people is going to be a fight,' Bentley said." Notice the use of the word "taking." Possibly it just might be a fight because it is wrong. This bill would not allow us the right for which our father, brothers, sons and daughters fought. It would turn what should be our decision over to a 5, 7 or 9 member board of education - a minority of their communities. State Education Law provides for "shared decision making," yet this is being tossed out the window. The issue is not regional high school, the issue is the right of Americans to vote. Once they take that right, where will it stop, and how many more "freedoms" will we lose? Why is it that the public speaks with numerous votes, and yet until some people get what they want, they just won't listen? Remember it is our tax dollars that fund our schools and therefore our vote should be permitted. Keep in mind that this bill could bounce either way. Taxpayers could wish a regional high school and the board say no. Now, there is nothing you can do because you no longer are permitted a vote. American has spent billions of dollars and worse yet young men and women have paid the "ultimate price" in third world countries as our government seeks to oust dictators and create a democracy to give those people the rights that we have. Yet, sadly it seems we ourselves are becoming a "third world country." In our little corner of Chautauqua County, four school board, their superintendents, our senators and assemblymen are about to stage a coup and harpoon democracy. Should this be why our men and women sacrificed their lives? Shameful! The declaration of independence means just that, independence. Remember the first line of the constitution begins with "We the people." Tell our politicians and board members to stop poisoning the tree of democracy and reclaim America as it was meant to be.

Wanda Bentley




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