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Just Outside My Door 02/02/12

February 8, 2012
By ELAINE G. COLE - CORRESPONDENT ( , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

We awoke last Thursday to greet the month of February. Once again we had lost all the snow except where it has been swept by the side of roads by the snowplows. It rained early and then later a few snowflakes began to fall. It surely has been a winter thus far with little snow. It certainly has been different than many previous years. Recently I found a weather record written in February 1989 that stated Sherman had had 100 inches of snow and that was far below the area's average snowfall. Nevertheless, it had been blustery and sometimes zero degrees or lower. Other records often stated we had received over 300 inches during the winter and also blizzards.

Despite what the winter brings us in February weather-wise, we celebrate four special days this month including Abraham Lincoln and George Washington's birthdays, the 12th and 22nd respectively. Of course nowadays they are lumped together and celebrated on President's Day, the 20t. I do not like the way they have been changed, however no one asked my opinion before changing the dates. The last special days are Valentine's Day, the 14th, and Leap Day, the 29th.

Valentine's Day is celebrated by old and young alike. Most of you probably remember the fun of getting valentines from your classmates when you were in elementary school and the special treats that were often passed out by the teacher or students. Then there's the cards, flowers, etc., that ladies and men give each other to demonstrate their love. I have received a valentine, and sometimes candy, for almost 64 years from my sweetheart, including the ones when we dated. Because I am sentimental I have kept most of the cards and still enjoy reading them. As for the candy, I don't know if he actually got it for me, because he enjoyed a good portion of it. I also got him cards and often made his favorite cake. Sometimes we've gone out to celebrate too.

The year 2012, is Leap Year, therefore we get and extra day in the month. Feb. 29 we celebrate Leap Day. It isn't celebrated in the way it was long ago. In those days among other different customs, ladies were allowed to choose her favorite guy and share the day with him. I'm happy to say that I'm glad I didn't choose one of the first guys I dreamed thought I loved when I was still a "child." I was 15 when I first met Bill. It wasn't "love at first sight," nevertheless, after he accepted the Lord as his savior, I knew he was the one for me. I don't think that I actually sought God's will, but he has certainly blest us both over the years as we grew even closer to each other over the years, good times and difficult times, through His love, care and guidance. And I still think my hubby is great, most of the time.



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