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Lookin’ Back 01/19/12

January 25, 2012
Retyped by ELAINE G. COLE - Reprinted from THE CHAUTAUQUA NEWS and SENTINEL NEWS , Westfield Republican / Mayville Sentinel News

TO: January 1898

FOREIGN - There has been an alarming spread of malarial fever at Puerto Principe, Cuba, both among the inhabitants of the city and in the garrison. No fewer than 2,500 persons have been affected by the disorder.

DOMESTIC - The total number of failures of national state, savings and private banks and loan and trust companies in 1897 was 105, a little more than half of those of 1896 and less than one-fifth those of the panic year 1893. Liabilities also showed a heavy falling off.

Quite a severe earthquake shock was felt at Malone, N.Y., on the 7th. No damage was done.

COUNTY AND VICINITY - Frank Stephens of the Lake House at Findley's Lake hearing a noise in the barn began investigating and captured two boys with eight bushels of oats filled in bags and ready for departure. He compelled them to empty the oats back into the bin and they left with a bit of good advice.

Few industries bring in the money that the Celeron skating rink does. It is claimed that 1,500 enjoyed the ice New Year's day, and 1,000 were present in the evening.

SHERMAN - The sleighing is fine.

Dr. Green of Panama was in town Tuesday of last week, in consultation with Dr. Ellis over the case of Walter Stevens' little boy, who was very ill with brain fever.

The front of the new Commercial House is being put up and will make quite an improvement in the block.

J.W. Burrows has been appointed by the trustees to take the census of the village, as required by the new law. He will visit the different families of the place at an early day, for that purpose.

A number of young people drove to Chautauqua, Friday night, to visit Miss Agnes Fox. They returned by the light of the moon, early the next morning.

DEC. 20, 1910 - W. B. Whitney sold the Sherman hotel to James Eggleston of Jamestown. Sherman never had better hotel service than since Mr. and Mrs. Whitney had charge. The new Landlord had no experience in the management of a hotel, but his live as a traveling man gave him a good idea of the way it should be run.

Wilkinson, Gaddis & Co. sold their creamery near the Sherman depot to the American Powdered Milk Co. of which Messer's, Patrick and Shedd were the representatives. The latter were here several months experimenting with the manufactures of powdered milk, and the sale meant the establishment of a large plant in Sherman.

Several storms had in a measure occasioned some irregularity in attendance at the Sherman school.

The Mayville Gas & Oil Company held the first meeting of the incorporators at Mayville and named directors: Arthur B. Ottaway of Westfield; William Cornell, Robert Hewes and H. S. Cornell of Chautauqua and Eleaser Green of Jamestown. It was the purpose of the company to drill at least one well down to the Medina Sandstone, probably in the Robert Hewes farm near Mayville, and estimated depths of 2,500 feet.



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