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Lookin’ Back

Retyped by ELAINE G. COLE

January 18, 2012
To 1901: The Daniele Sweet reunion was held at the Rocks Wednesday, Aug. 28. The Hubbard reunion will be held at Panama Rocks Wednesday, Sept. 4. Guy Carver will teach in the Eggleston district the coming term. Preaching service in the evening in the Baptist church will be resumed next Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Eggleston have purchased a residence at Mayville and are moving there. The topic for the Epworth League meeting next Sunday evening is Heavenly Helpers; Ernest Button, Leader. The Sunday School picnic which was postponed last week on account of rain will occur Wednesday, Sept. 4, at J.S. Eddy’s. MINA — The closing service of the conference year in the M. E. church will be next Sunday; the subject of the sermon is Steadfastness. Married at Watts Flats, N.Y., Aug. 30, 1901, Mr. Erwin Chapman of Bear Lake, Pa., and Miss Bertha Edwards of Panama. What might have been a bad accident Saturday forenoon, while the thrashers were at work for Vene Bock. A scaffold fell with three or four men a distance about 10 feet. Fortunately no one was seriously injured, although Sime Chesley, Lovenna Bock and George Shore were quite badly shaken up. MARKS — Mrs. Hohn Harmelik, an old and respected resident, who has been ill for several weeks, passed away Friday night at 11:30. The funeral services were held in the church at Clymer interment in the cemetery at that place. One of the most serious storms know in many years, occurred here Saturday afternoon. The loss to many of the farmers is great, it being a combination of hail and rain, with plenty of wind, thunder and lighting. A calf was killed by lighting on the James Taggart farm. Hail was from 8 inches to a foot deep around Asa Wilcox s house and did not all melt away until Sunday. Fred Newell s pasture was so covered with hail that it looked as white with snow. Mrs. Mary Horton and Laura went to Buffalo Friday, to visit the Exposition, Niagara Falls and at North Collins. Mr. and Mrs. Wm Baker accompanied them and left Buffalo Monday, for their home.


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