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Advent Trilogy Part 3 — A Camel’s Tale

January 18, 2012
By Tom Baideme
December 2008

One morn, before the heat of day Some wealthy patrons say they’ll pay For camels, three, the very best For a long, long journey west

They buy two kin and me that day And we start off right away With pack and patrons on our backs We follow in each other’s tracks

Along at dusk near Herod’s place They stop in for a face-to-face But something in his eyes reflects No knowledge of the infant, Rex

So we continue on our Quest Still proceeding further west Now guided by a star so bright It seems to bathe a town in light

Now as Jerusalem draws near The town of Bethlehem in sight Met shepherds declaring in the night What miracle has happened here

Just as the Magi’s dream foretold They’re story has a certain ring We know we’ve finally reached our goal To feast their eyes on Christ the King

We find the stable carved from stone Near a blaze in bright starlight They enter there and stand alone Taking in this Wonderous Sight

There they saw in calm repose The baby wrapped in swaddling clothes And as the Heaven’s Host proclaim Emmanuel will be his fame

After rest, and in a dream The Magi know of Herod’s wrath All to well they know his scheme We’ll go home by another path

Their gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh And Gold adorn his wooden crèche Now it’s time to take our leave And leave the Son of God at Rest

On the road and hours out See nothing as they look about The Magi know this Holy Birth’s A sign of Heaven’s Peace on Earth



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