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Americans have the power

January 11, 2012
Warren Beyer
Editor, I have written several letters to this column indicating my concerns of the American political scene as it now stands. However, the ugly and arrogant side of politics is not new to this America. We have had to endure arrogant and foolish behavior from other congressional clowns before in our history. We have had scandalous behavior all through our history. The Congress of the US has had its share of politicians bought and paid for by shipping interests, railroad interests, steel interests, oil interests and agribusinesses interests. Each time, we have managed to take back our country from the deceitful power mongers that have abused the middle class. But now things are different. The one great equalizer that allowed the middle class to rise up and elect good people was the great institution of free public education. It was the corner stone that kept the words of Locke, Washington, Jefferson, Hamilton, Lincoln, and countless others alive. It gave freedom of intelligence to all Americans so that they would not be fooled by the blindfold of politics. Reading and learning the power of a free people was always taught to the young who could rise up, by vote or by marching in the streets, and overturn a corrupt system. Now we shudder at the reading, science and math scores of the public schools. And if the corrupt Washington powers have their way, the public will receive even less dollars to educate the young of the middle and lower class. The wealthy will still attend Andover, Choate, Harvard, Yale, Smith, Vanderbilt, and other institutions of legacy and wealth. The public schools will slip further down the slippery slope of things that are cut in the name of cheaper government. I assure you, there is no shortage of money in America, there is only a shortage of honor and false public good being fostered on the citizens. Why are all cuts on the backs of the poor and the middle class? Goldman Sachs stole more with a pencil that every prisoner in Attica combined. Monsanto, Dow and other chemical companies have done more to ruin American health than any virus, even the much contrived Swine Flu. Education was and is the answer out of this mess we are now in. It’s not easy, it’s not quick, it’s not cheap ... but it’s worth the time. If we allow the education of our young people to go the way of other extinct creatures our surrender to the Orwellian powers of a ruling class will not be far behind

Warren Beyer, Mayville



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