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Lookin’ Back

Retyped by ELAINE G. COLE

January 4, 2012
TO: Dec.31, 1901

Jake Glazier shot a handsome red fox at Wahmeda just above the assembly grounds at Chautauqua. This was the first fox seen in that locality for many years. It was being chased by hounds and was supposed to have started in the vicinity of Summer Dale.

The good sleighing for the past two weeks was favorable for drawing logs and a large number were delivered to the mills in the vicinity.

Willie H. Tennant of Mayville was compiling a school history of the town of Chautauqua and wanted the names of every person who had ever taught in the town, together with the date and the district.

It required 350 poles to string the telephone line from Sherman to Findley Lake.

Bement Bros. would ship stock Saturday, Jan. 4. They would pay 6 cents per pound for veal calves, 5 cents for hogs and 1 cent for trimmer cows.

There was a shortage of coal at Therman’s electric light plant and unless a carload arrives there would be no lights after Dec. 31.

The windmill of the Sherman Water Works Co. which was taken down for repairs was raised Monday afternoon.

The calendar season was in its prime. Anyone who failed to get from one to six should feel aggrieved.

The Salvation Army of Buffalo again demonstrated its idea of practical charity when it served a Christmas dinner to 1,500 poor people of that city.

E.L. Bemis sold his hotel property at Mayville to Frank and Horace Swetland of Angola, who took possession.

The word duty occurred 940 times in President Roosevelt’s message to congress.

TO: December 1918

W.J. Akerly received a letter Monday from his brother, Henry C. Akerley, dated Nov. 11th , at that time he was in the hospital, because of a manor ailment, and seeking much needed rest. He had been in the trenches since the 22nd of June, without leave or let up.

The sugar allowance is now four pounds per person a month, but the use of the sugar cards is still maintained.

The records of the Sherman pioneers and soldiers of the Civil War are at the Minerva Library for safe keeping until a suitable place is provided for them.

Waits Corner and vicinity — This community was very much saddened recently, by learning that Merle Raspas was counted as missing in action in France, since Oct. 17. No further information as yet.

Summerdale — There are a number of cases of influenza in this vicinity.

Dr. Haynes of Sherman was a professional caller in our midst last week.

Jack Andrews of Sherman spent the weekend at the Crump home.

There was no foreign or governmental news in the Chautauqua News papers in 1918, but stories always ran. One such was entitled, “Daddy’s Evening Fairy Tale.” The Improved Uniform International Sunday School Lesson was also published regularly.


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