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Advent Trilogy

January 4, 2012
By Tom Baideme
Advent Trilogy

Part 1 — A Donkey’s Tale

By Tom Baideme

December 2008

One early morn just after crow

Says Master Joseph, we must go

With his betrothed upon my back

To Bethlehem to pay the tax

With provisions packed and Mary sat

We start to make our way

To trod upon the highway far

A journey that will take all day

We venture on through sun and heat

Many hours of daylight

With others now upon their feet

Thank God, Bethlehem’s in sight

With daylight waning close to dark

We finally reach the gate

With expectant Mary on my back

Still outside were made to wait

We finally enter after dark

Through crowded streets we make our way

To find a place for me to park

For Mary a warm place to stay

From Inn to Inn the same response

I would, but I’m not able

Until a keepers kind retort

There’s still room in the stable

We hurry back to find it so

With cattle, goats, both ram and ewe

Lots of hay so soft and warm

Comforting the mother due

Not long after she gave birth

A righteous heir a son

But little did I know that night

What miracle God had just begun

Ever since the son was born

A strong starlight around us shined

Not on street or Inn or home

Just on this stable here behind

And later through the peace and calm

With the animals all asleep

Awakened from my slumber

By a shepherd’s flock of sheep

I wonder why they move at night

That certainly seems odd

Then the shepherd tell the answer,

“I’m looking for the son of God.”

He said some angel sent from God

Came down declaring of His birth

And said, “Go out, the same declare

God’s promise of our peace on earth”

They said to follow yonder star

It shown so bright upon this place

With flocks, we loft, and here we are

To gaze on God’s Amazing Grace”

They stayed ‘till morning, then went their way

Proclaiming the Good News

That the promise of God’s Savior

Has finally today come true

Crowds of people still entrenched

We have to stay another night

And like the stable stay before

Were bathed again in bright starlight

Then again in midst of night

I was awakened like before

But this time by a camel

And three Magi by the door

They say that in a vision

Angels said to travel far

To see the birth of Christ the King

By following yonder star

So they’ve traveled day and night

Processing far into the west

To come upon this stable bright

To find the Son of God at rest

With gifts like Frankincense and Myrrh

And gold to honor the new birth

To lay upon his wooden crèche

Like a throne made of wood and earth

Then later in a dream that night

They say they know of Herod’s wrath

And for the safety of the Child

Return home by another path

With taxes paid, the morning dawns

It’s time that w were on our way

But because of Herod’s wrath

May be danger on the road today

Later that day we meet Herod’s men

Looking for a newborn king

They say he wants to honor him

And if found, the child to bring

Then they ask what’s in Mary’s arms

She answers, “A new Lamb.”

To my surprise, she moves her cloak

A Lamb head cradled in her hand

Finally back in Nazareth

Hopefully away from harm

Now when Mary moves her cloak

There is a Baby in her arm

I swear to you all this is true

Like Mary I won’t lie to ya

For many years I watched him grow

This angle called Messiah

Advent Trilogy

Part 2 — A Ram’s Tale

By Tom Baideme

December 2008

One early evening after dark

The flock and me at slumber

Awaken from our sleep that night

To what I thought was thunder

Instead, I see, from up above

A hose of angels declaring

“Do not fear, and peace, and love”

Now awake shepherds staring

They say to go with flocks tonight

To Bethlehem, not far

To find the Savior sent from God

By flowing yonder star

So we did as they declared

And went to fine the newborn King

As they said, we found it so

Beholding this most Holy thing

With father, Joseph, mother Mary

Hold the Baby save in arm

Again we huddle, growing weary

With us and Child safe from harm

In the morn with sun on rise

The shepherd takes our flock on graze

Declaring with the angels told

What has come to pass these days

Along their path, to all they meet

Shouts of joy declare His Birth

And to everyone they meet

Of Emmanuel and Peace on Earth

Advent Trilogy

Part 3 — A Camel’s Tale

By Tom Baideme

December 2008

One morn, before the heat of day

Some wealthy patrons say they’ll pay

For camels, three, the very best

For a long, long journey west

They buy two kin and me that day

And we start off right away

With pack and patrons on our backs

We follow in each other’s tracks

Along at dusk near Herod’s place

They stop in for a face-to-face

But something in his eyes reflects

No knowledge of the infant, Rex

So we continue on our Quest

Still proceeding further west

Now guided by a star so bright

It seems to bathe a town in light

Now as Jerusalem draws near

The town of Bethlehem in sight

Met shepherds declaring in the night

What miracle has happened here

Just as the Magi’s dream foretold

They’re story has a certain ring

We know we’ve finally reached our goal

To feast their eyes on Christ the King

We find the stable carved from stone

Near a blaze in bright starlight

They enter there and stand alone

Taking in this Wonderous Sight

There they saw in calm repose

The baby wrapped in swaddling clothes

And as the Heaven’s Host proclaim

Emmanuel will be his fame

After rest, and in a dream

The Magi know of Herod’s wrath

All to well they know his scheme

We’ll go home by another path

Their gifts of Frankincense and Myrrh

And Gold adorn his wooden crèche

Now it’s time to take our leave

And leave the Son of God at Rest

On the road and hours out

See nothing as they look about

The Magi know this Holy Birth’s

A sign of Heaven’s Peace on Earth



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