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Purpose of government not wealth and power

January 4, 2012
David R. Correll
Letter to the Editor of the Westfield Republican

What is the purpose of government? Is it to permit political parties to gain the wealth and power to dominate Congress? No, it does not. Our Constitution states that the purpose is to form a more perfect union.

Congress has often perverted this purpose as, in 1850 when southern congressmen set the state for our Civil War. In their failure to see that the industrial revolution would soon diminish the need for slaves, they opposed legislation that would limit slave labor in our developing territories. Not succeeding, they unwisely seceded from the union and fought brother against brother to their deaths. Eventually, our union was restored, but only after the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of good men. This tremendous cost of polarization and forcing arbitrary ideas should be seared indelibly into the minds of those elected to serve United State citizens, but the thrill of winning makes them stupid.

Today’s political parties strive to gain the power and senselessly lead us to ruin. Evidently, influential members of our Congress do not acknowledge their Constitutional responsibility to form a more perfect union. Instead of researching and cooperating to determine factually based positions, they make power plays to lead, putting their faith in simplistic ideologies. For example, the implausible belief that the wealthy should receive tax breaks because they created most jobs when, in fact, most jobs are created by the middle class majority.

Congress must strive to form a more perfect union by intelligently and cooperatively identifying and optimizing the best ideas.

David R. Correll



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