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Lookin’ Back

Retyped by ELAINE G. COLE

December 28, 2011
To: December 1896

A cold wave of extreme severity is prevailing throughout England, and several deaths of tramps and others from exposures to the weather are reported. Many of the streams and lakes are frozen over with ice of sufficient thickness to permit skating.

Fully 2,000 mill works who were idle a month ago in Delaware county, Pa., are now at work with prospect of steady work thorough out the winter.

County and vicinity:

Portland has a case of scarlet fever.

Over $1,200 has been paid out to Findley’s Lake men for their work of dredging and cleaning out the lake.

A farmer from three and one half acres of land gathered and hauled 2,000 bushels of tomatoes to the Fredonia canning factory, receiving a total of $420 for the crop.

Two boys, 25 and 17 years, living near Silver Creek, shot a man in the neck while he was milking and then went to the house and ransacked it, securing $20.They have been captured.

The ladies of Findley’s Lake have a club which meets every Wednesday night. The men now propose to have one of their own on the same evening called the “Sore Head Club.”

North East lost an old land mark when Pabody’s foundry and machine shop burned last week.

There is a considerable sickness about and quite a tendency to pneumonia or throat and lung troubles. It is wise to be careful. The idea of hardening one’s system by exposure is a dangerous one to act upon.

The sale of reserved seats for Ogden’s lecture began Monday morning with the usual rush. Over a hundred were disposed of in a short time.

Jamestown Journal: James Wells of Sherman N.Y., voted for Monrow in 1824 and has voted every presidential year since. He is in his 94th year, and preferred to walk last election day to the polls rather than ride in a carriage. He was formerly a Whig and since 1856 has voted for every Republican nominee.


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