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Chautauqua Lake Students of the Month — November

December 28, 2011
Westfield Republican
MAYVILLE — Students of the Month at Chautauqua Lake Central School, honored for November achievements, are Emily Bukowski, Kelsie Breads, Jordan Mulholland, Alex Rosage, Brianna Dudley and Brittany Fardink. The student recognition program honors students in grades 7 through 12 whose classroom performance, attitude toward learning, work ethic and extra-curricular activities set them apart.

Senior Emily Frances Bukowski is the daughter of James and Stephanie Bukowski of Mayville. Art, English and physics are Emily’s favorite subjects. She is a member of National Honor Society, Ski Club, Art Club, Peer Ed, Chorale and the school’s musicals. Emily, who is a member of the soccer and track teams, enjoys traveling, painting, photography, craft-making and art. Her dream is to become a famous fashion photographer after attending a four-year art school to major in either fine arts or photography. The person from history that Emily admires is Claude Monet because he was an incredible artist and has inspired not just her but others with his beautiful paintings. If allowed to be another person for a day, Emily would choose any famous pianist; she believes it would be pretty incredible to be able to play the piano with such great talent.

Spanish, U.S. history, biology and health are the favorite subjects of junior Kelsie Breads, daughter of Jonathan and Colleen Breads of Mayville. Kelsie participates in Student Administration, Spanish Club, Sources of Strength, the School Health Advisory Council and the school musical, as well as being a member of the varsity soccer and track teams. College and a career in the medical field are Kelsie’s plans after high school graduation. Kelsie admires Frederick Douglass because he was a brave abolitionist and wasn’t afraid to speak out and stand up for what he believed in. Admiring Albert Einstein’s abstract way of thinking, Kelsie would like to be him for a day.

Sophomore Jordan Mulholland is the daughter of Timothy and Belinda Mulholland of Mayville. She plans to attend college after high school to major in psychology. Chemistry and Spanish are Jordan’s favorite subjects, and she loves to travel, read and spend time with her family. She is a member of Student Administration, Peer Tutoring and the Spanish Club. Jordan is a member of the volleyball and track teams, and outside of school she babysits. John Forbes Nash is the person Jordan admires because he was naturally intelligent. Even though he struggled with his illness, he learned to deal with schizophrenia and ended up winning a Nobel Prize. To be another person for a day, Jordan would choose the Secretary of State because she loves to travel and learn about other cultures; she would gain wisdom and show confidence in handling foreign affairs for her country.

Alex Michael Rosage is the son of Michael and Melissa Rosage of Hartfield and Sundee Rosage of Hartfield. Alex is a freshman whose favorite subjects are gym, science, music theory and global studies. He plays basketball, participates in chorus and loves to read. In his spare time, he helps take care of his baby sister. Alex knows he wants to attend college, but he has not picked a field of study. The person he admires is Jesus Christ because he was perfect and did not sin. Alex is happy being himself and doesn’t want to be another person for a day; he said he already has a great life with a great community.

Brianna Dudley, an eighth grader, is the daughter of Jason and Julie Dudley of Mayville. Spanish, science and English rank high as Brianna’s favorite academic studies. She participates in cheerleading, and her hobbies include reading, drawing and running. Spending time playing with her dog is also important to Brianna. A cardiac surgeon is a career under consideration for her, and she definitely wants to go to college. To be someone else for a day, Brianna chose a bird because she could fly and see everything below her.

Seventh grader Brittany Fardink is the daughter of Tom and Stacey Fardink of Ashville. Brittany’s favorite subject in school is English, and she participates in basketball, soccer and softball. Outside of school she is active in Girl Scouts. Brittany wants to go to college and become either a wildlife biologist or a marine biologist. She chose George Washington as the person in history whom she admires because he was a great leader. If Brittany could be another person for a day, she would choose a teacher, just to see what it is like.

Teachers Marlea Brown and Amy Redman coordinate the Student of the Month recognition program in the secondary school.

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