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Retired Bowling 12/13/11

December 28, 2011
By Neal Johnson
Tuesday, Dec. 13

There were 33 bowlers present at North East Lanes. Welcome new bowler Deb Kindron-Christina.

Jackpot winners: first, with a new record, George Tanner, 275, scracth 305 total; next, Viinne Paternosh, 226; last, Nancy Staal, 248.

Splits picked up: Quint Leamer, 5-10; Larry Janes, 3-10, 4-7-9; Dan Snow, 2-7-8; Carol Kent, 5-10, 2-7-8; Luanne Mcintosh, 4-5-7; Claire Post, 3-10; Neal Johnson, 3-10.

High scores: George Tanner 275-266-658; Judy Schuster, 159-163-453; Joe Schuster, 194-191-174-569; Vinne Paternosh, 204-226-233-653; Luanne Mintosh, 150-156-418; Dan Snow, 218-214-578; Ellen Brooker, 165-187-466; Dave Brooker, 196; Nancy Staal, 172-141-458; Les Yokom, 193-198-186-577; Dorthy Post, 142; Bev Tetreault, 162; Stephinne Powell, 153; Connie Cash, 144; Peggy Tanner, 152-153-427; Larry Janes, 183-170-512; Butch Joint, 180; Don Thomas, 172-181; Neal Johnson, 186-517.

Winning team: Quint Leamer,; Judy Ottaway; Laura Parment; Cookie Boser; George Tanner; Les Yokom; Claire Post; Carol Baumet; Luanne Mcintosh; Stephinne Powell; Ron Kent; Judy Schuster; Vinne Paternosh; Ellen Brooker; Dave Brooker; and Nancy Staal.

Losers: Fred Utegg; Don Woods; Louise Richer; Peggy Tanner; Don Thomas; Neal Johnson; Bev Tetreault; Dorthy Post; Conie Cash; Butch Joint; Joanne Muscarelit; Carol Kent; Joe Schuster; Deb Kindron-Christina; Chuck Quint; and Larry Janes.

Dan Snow bowled for both teams.


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