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Lookin’ Back 12/15/11

Retyped by ELAINE G. COLE

December 21, 2011
TO: 1923

Gerry Wentworth, the well know garage man, was seriously injured by being struck by a freight train at the crossing at Clymer station, last Tuesday night. He had hired W. J. Bement’s Ford runabout, to drive to Clymer and about eight o’clock that night was coming across the track at Jaquinas, when the auto (was) struck by a north bound freight. … This morning Mr. Wentworth is reported some improved, although the gain is slow.

Arthur R. Sears has purchased D. P. Stanton’s business, except the newspaper and magazine department, and will continue the same adding other lines including groceries.

F. R. Larkin has purchased E. T. Hall’s interest in the barber shop and will continue the business alone.

Mrs. E. R. Conant has sold her moving picture business to Harry Russell, son of Ed Russell, who has also taken the lease of the opera house. Mrs. Conant will return to Cadilac, Mich., where Mr. Conant is employed.

Wednesday of this week, Minerva Club begins a new year’s work, continuing its study of Present Day Problems. The hostesses are Mesdames Dorman and Willis.

The storm early Friday morning was very severe in the vicinity, and Miss Munger, the night operator at telephone central, reports the display at the switch board the worst she ever saw. Many lines were put out of service.

TO 1973:

There will be an Open House for Mr. and Mrs. Donald Savage for their 25th wedding anniversary in April.

Bill and Melva Rowan have given their recently purchased home on Kendrick Street a new look. They’ve added two attractive bow windows in the front.

Phyllis Burgess is S.C.S. Girl of the Week and Harold Sanders is the S.C.S. Boy of the Week.

Michal Fardink, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Fardink of Clymer, has been named winner of the Golden West student auditions of the national Federation of Music Clubs. …

The twentieth anniversary of the Clymer Tulip Festival will be celebrated on May 10, 11 and 12, this year. The theme will be “The Joys WE Share in Our Wonderful World.” …

S East End Supermarket offer’s these bargains this week. Butter, 79 cents a lb., Bisquick, 69 cents, Pringle potato chips, 63 cents, vegetable soup, 2 for 27cents and Rice Krispies, 49 cents.


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