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Lookin’ Back 12/08/11

Retyped by ELAINE G. COLE

December 14, 2011
TO: December 1896

It was announces at Washington that the United States government has inquired of the Austrian government concerning facts surrounding the torpedoing of the American steamer Chemung by an Austrian submarine.

President Wilson, speaking at the banquet which was the culmination of the celebration to mark the permanent illumination of the Statue of Liberty in New York harbor, declared that he had thought for the last two years that “peace is going to come to the world only with liberty.” Two men were arrested for trying to see President Wilson.


Milk is 0 cents a quart in Westfield.

Ed Nash of Chautauqua shot a wildcat recently while for coon. The civic association of Westfield is offering a reward of $200 for information that will lead to the conviction of anyone selling liquor in the village.

The school board of Westfield has established a savings bank department in the public schools of that village. Pupils may bring any amount they wish to deposit on Wednesday morning of each week, at this time ten minutes will be given for this purpose.

Gov. Whitman has appointed S. J. Lowell of Fredonia, Master of State Grange, as one of the committee to investigate the high cost of living and to recommend legislation for relief. George W. Perkins of New York is chairman of the committee which is now at work.


The Parish Players had a large audience at the school auditorium last night and gave a high-class performance. Miss Doubleday was fine in every character she portrayed, with ability equal to most professionals. The company gave three plays and while the second one was a harrowing war play, it preached a sermon all should hear often. The comedy to close which left the audience in good humor. The entertainment gave a pleasing variety to the winter’s course, which is one of the best Sherman has had.

The Minerva Club will meet Wednesday afternoon at Library Hall with Mesdames Perkins and Plato as hostesses. The general subject is Social Advance … Mesdames Perkins and Plato as hostesses.

The Choral Society will meet in Library Hall next Monday evening to practice music for the Community Christmas exercises in the school auditorium. Everyone who can sing, urged to attend the rehearsal whether members of the Choral society or not.


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