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Which America fits you the best?

December 14, 2011
Warren Beyer
If you had a choice to live in the America that you wanted, which one would you select:


In this America you would have the following situation:

1. Fair taxes for everyone

2. Social Security to help older Americans

3. School lunches that are healthy

4. Wars that are only fought when we are really threatened.

5. Care for veterans when they return.

6. Banks that cannot do as they please

7. Colleges that do not graduate students with an overwhelming debt.

8. A medical system that does not destroy people’s entire savings when they are sick

9. Government officials who are required to live by the same rules as the governed.

10. A stock exchange that must follow the law or they will be subject to laws that will punish them, not just their wallets.


1. Tax rules that allow the wealthy to avoid paying their fair share.

2. Social Security that may or may not be there.

3. School lunches that consider pizza as a vegetable.

4. Wars that are preemptive and fought for gain of natural resource control.

5. Little care for vets, then lie about it.

6. Banks that are unregulated and never punished because Congress allows it.

7. No student loans or high interest loans.

8. A medical system that allows for absurd fees, and does not allow suing the doctors when they make a mistake.

9. Lawmakers who can raise their own pay in the middle of the night.

10. A stock exchange run by people who make millions and expect no one to require they be honest.

If you want America 1, vote Democrat, If you want America 2, vote Republican.

I suggest one more thing to think about. The Republican Party says the Democrats spend too much money. That’s like they run a good car into a wall and when the Democrats try to fix the car, the Republicans say “see I didn’t spend the money when I had the car.”

Presidents Reagan, Bush One and Bush Two all created enormous deficits. Only the Democrat, Clinton, ran a surplus.

Just think about it.

Warren Beyer



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