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November Ides Lament

December 14, 2011
Tom Baideme
By Tom Baideme


November Ides and leaves are down

Succumbed to all the recent gales

And after a couple recent frosts

Tried to keep a grip but failed

Leafers driving cross the duct

Off to claim the piles from the other side

After all or most have been reclaimed

On the eastern-most end of Main

Lena’s pile sits in wait

For the sucker to do its thing

Removing all the leaves and chaff

From the piles now soaked with rain

Gray trees, gray clouds, at least there’s grass

Most of it devoid of leaves

Now just waiting for its yearly fate

Of being covered in a blanket of white

The chill seems always to close at hand

Now need to don the layered look

Hoods and hats and socks and sweats

Like multi-tasking against the cold

So here I sit in favorite arch

To glean the goings on across the park

A rarity for me of late

Being now in a comfort home.


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