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Just Outside My Door 12/01/11

December 7, 2011
I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and are ready to get ready for the Christmas holiday. I put away my fall decorations and started getting out the Christmas ones last week. Hopefully I’ll have it all done this week so I can do all the other things that need done before that special day arrives.

Although I still prepare for Christmas, it isn’t the same as it was before our children grew up. I’ve found that I don’t have youngsters urging me to hurry and get the decorations and tree so they can help. Although I enjoyed hearing their excitement, which made me excited too, sometimes their anxiousness to help created a few problems. Nevertheless, I let them assist me though there were a few things I insisted on doing myself, such as putting up certain delicate decorations which held special memories. In the early days, I used a lot of unbreakable ornaments on the lower sections of the tree so that little ones did not break them. I also used decorations the kids had made in school — in fact I still have a few of them. Those weeks before Christmas were very busy with school and church programs. There were practices for the kids and often I helped with the church one and of course we all attended the school ones.

Then there was a lot of baking to be done. I made T rings for us, our neighbors, the Pastor’s family and two of our sons. I still make them. I also made cookies, but not nearly as many. When the children were home, I had considerable help and a big clean-up task when we finished the baking tasks.

I miss having those kids here and all that animated help, but I’ve found, just as it was the first couple years of our marriage, it’s nice to have only two of us, especially at our age. I put on some Christmas music and work at my leisure. It’s much quieter. Bill helps with the tree and outdoor decorations and we don’t always do as much as in earlier years.

I have many memories and pictures of past Christmases and I enjoy looking at them. Included are ones I took of our kids and some of our grandkids when they were little and were putting an ornament on our Christmas tree. Now their children are helping them decorate their tree.

The past few years I haven’t had our family Christmas here. We have some 38 or 40 people who come and there’s not room enough for the littlest children to play so Todd and Kimberly have been having it at their house where their basement is well suited for play. I’m thinking I want to have it here this year with my Amish helpers doing most of the preparation, but I’m not sure if they can. Moreover, maybe our kids will say it’s too hard for me, but I enjoy doing it. Entertaining folks has always been one of my favorite things to do. Nowadays my body doesn’t always cooperate with my desires and for some strange reason my hubby thinks I shouldn’t try. Nevertheless, wherever we celebrate that special day we will be richly blest as we celebrate the birthday of our Lord and Savior with our family.


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