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October Cold Lament

December 7, 2011
Tom Baideme
By Tom Baideme

Oct. 28, 2011

What a chilly morning’s end

After a night of heavy frost

Cold still lingers in the air

Puddles skinned, still stuck in shade

Had to vie across the duct

To get to where I’ll have some eats

At Maryb’s for some cider hot

And a piece of Friday quiche

Then to the kitchen for some repast

Of something for a Friday treat

Some custom flavored mac and cheese

Or some miracle done with tuna fish

Sill more pasta than I would wish

No exotic smoked shrimp or fish

No reason I should and go and risk

When I know there’ll be no lobster bisque

But I’ll got and sign my name

And put a couple exes down

Cause whatever’s on the bill of fare

I’ll probably end up taking something home

Something to eat on Sunday morn

Some kind of meat I couldn’t eat

Until all of Friday pass on by

And I can finally eat my fill

So much for the late October fret

Of the talk of snow and the feel of frost

Lucky I’ve enough to bundle

To help me trudge the tundra path



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