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Emergency system failed motorists

November 30, 2011
Gary Bonnas

Usually I am home due to a spinal injury where I could have heard the weather warning on television. But Monday, I was on the go all day.

I had the car radio on, but I never heard a weather warning on the radio. Numerous times - when there is not an emergency - there’s a test of the Emergency Broadcast System on the radio.

After we left Van Buren - after the touchdown of that tornado after visiting a friend about 900 yards from the old Van Buren drive-in, we did get a phone call from my stepdaughter regarding the tornadoes.

But when we got to Brocton, my wife Joan turned on the radio and there was nothing about any tornadoes.

Everybody said there was a warning on a Buffalo TV channel. But since motorists do not have access to TV reception, I find that a problem. Motorists must rely on radio broadcasts, but yet no radio warning was given before or after both tornadoes touched downed.

Why? Where is the Emergency Broadcast System?

Gary Bonnas



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