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Situation at Penn State University is a disgrace

November 30, 2011
Robert Berke
To the Readers’ Forum:

The recent issues at Penn State represent a failure of adherence to the core values espoused by all our institutions of higher learning and our societal norms in general.

When a fit, ex football star failed to immediately intervene when witness to the rape of a young child, he became the initial point of failure in a systemic, clumsy coverup that allowed the lives of countless children to be damaged forever.

Much akin to the Catholic Dioces scandals that have surfaced of late, this hallowed football dynasty placed its moral and ethical values behind greed for almighty college football revenues and in so doing have fulfilled the prophesy of John Stuart Mill. “Bad men need nothing more to compress their ends than good men should look on and do nothing.”

Our duty is to protect this nation’s most precious resource, our children, on whose shoulders our future depends. No one should stand in the way of that core value, and for those who choose to ignore that principal, the consequences should be appropriate and a message to all that this is what we stand for, nothing less.

Robert Berke, MD



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