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Ripley Town Board discusses roads, taxes

November 30, 2011
RIPLEY — Tension filled the room before a recent Town of Ripley Board meeting with talk about roads in need of paving.

Johnson Road and Stateline Road are in need of repair. Over the course of winter, water seeps into paved roads, later freezing and expanding causing potholes to form.

“We’ve got to find a way to do it,” said one of the 13 audience member in support of paving certain dirt roads in the town in the spring of 2012.

Speaking of roads, the New York State Department of Transportation has begun planning routes for plowing this winter.

Supervisor Pete Ryan talked about making a resolution to adopt a 2012 town budget at the Nov. 10 meeting. Confusion has been circulating as the two percent tax levy cap law is discussed for budgets in 2012. Each jurisdiction in New York State has much to consider.

An email from the New York State Government Finance Officer’s Association explains that real property tax rates are not determined until the amount of the tax levy is set. Discussion about the tax cap and tax levies has been confusing many people as of late.

The real property tax levy is the amount of taxes on all real property which needs to be collected by a jurisdiction for budget purposes, the email said. The real property tax levy cap limits the growth in the amount of the real property tax levy a jurisdiction can collect from one fiscal year to the next.

“Needless to say, efforts to encourage home ownership, business growth and development still remain as one of the most important things we can do to help our local economy to keep taxes at bay.” Vincent E. Luce, administrator and village clerk of Westfield, said.

In regards to local economy, Nov. 26 to Dec. 23 has been labeled “Shoptauqua” week in an effort to encourage people to shop close to home and help independently owned businesses in the area.

Anyone looking to help out in Ripley this holiday season, Judy Hitz and Robin Johnstone, who have been leading the way in beautifying Ripley, are in need of volunteer help. Call the Ripley Free Library at 736-3923 for more information.

Correction — The grant received from the United States Department of Agriculture to be used toward research and construction of the Route 5 Wastewater Treatment Project was in the amount of $95,000, not $15,000 as was previously stated.

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Article Photos

Photo by Katie Atkins
Town Clerk Rebecca Rowe Carvallo, Town Supervisor Pete J. Ryan, Deputy Supervisor Dough Bowen and Councilman Michael Rowe heard from Ripley residents on Thursday, Nov. 10 at a regular board meeting about the need to pave roads.



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