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‘Where in the world is Buzzer Bee?’

November 23, 2011
Westfield Republican
WESTFIELD — Students in Kimberly Abbey’s Interdisciplinary Studies 7 class, or IDS7, at Westfield Academy and Central School recently participated in a collaboration project called “Where in the World Is Buzzer Bee?”

Preparation of this lesson included a lesson on the history of Westfield as well as a mini-geography lesson on where “Buzzer” had been and where he was going before and after making his short stop in Westfield.

Buzzer Bee travels the world and originated from Venetia, Pa., where he then made his way to Sterling Heights, Mich., then to Westfield and off to Suffern, N.Y. From there, Buzzer travels to New Jersey, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas and Canada.

Once Buzzer arrived at WACS, the IDS 7 students were eager to show him around their school and community. Students wrote letters back to the home school in Venetia, Pa., noting things about their school, what they like to do and about their community. Abbey’s students also took digital pictures and interviewed several teachers on the school and community.

“It was fun to go around and interview teachers,” Rylee Eggert said.

Student class member, Hailey Tredo, spent time outside the classroom and created a video entitled “Our Westfield” complete with interviews with Patterson Library’s Nancy Nixon, WACS middle school guidance counselor Amy Brinkley and several scenes of the special places that make Westfield town what it is. Hailey also highlighted many of the outstanding features of WACS in her video.

“It was fun getting to admire things in Westfield that we didn’t notice before this project,” Hailey said.

On a “wikispaces” page set up by Abbey, students then posted all of the information they collected.

“It was nice being able to share Westfield’s ‘buzz’ with Buzzer Bee,” Sydnee Abele said.

Among the interviewees, Brinkley offered great information about the school and its students.

“I think it’s a fun and creative way to connect with other students around the country,” she said. “Anything we can do in education to help remind students that we are all on this lonely planet together, usually striving for the same basic things in life, helps develop a sense of global unity and multicultural understanding.”

During the rest of the school year, Abbey’s class will check in with Buzzer on the Wikispace website to see where he has been and where he is going next. Each school Buzzer visits posts video and information about their school and community.

“Not only is this a collaboration for our classroom, but it also allows numerous school districts to learn about other places in the world and do a ‘virtual tour’ of the world,” Abbey said.

At the end of the journey, Buzzer Bee will have made 15 stops across the United States and into Canada before returning home to Venetia, Pa. Amaya Wells summed up the project with these words, “It was a pretty cool project.”

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Westfield Academy and Central School students recently participated in a project called, “Where in the world is Buzzer Bee?”



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