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Just Outside My Door 11/17/11

November 23, 2011
I bring greetings to you all and hope you were not depressed last Thursday evening when the thermometer fell and snowflakes filled the air. We went to the Family Life Dinner Theater in Williamsville and about 10:45 as we were on the way home, the road became covered with it. Soon thereafter the road became slippery and it was hard to see the edges of the road. Thus we traveled more slowly. By the time we got home the fields and yards were dressed in white. We probably didn’t get more than a couple inches, but it was enough to let us know that winter had begun even though our calendar says it arrives Dec. 20 or 21 not in November.

Recently I’ve noticed the shadows of this month and they hold a kind of beauty. Although the trees stand naked and gaunt. Nevertheless, when the sun’s rays bathe them it reveals special shades of black, brown and gray that are pleasing to the eye.

The November shadows reveal the change in bird and beast as they prepare for the new season. No calendar is needed to warn them because that is the way God created them. Therefore, the chickadees, finches, woodpeckers, morning doves and many others flock to the feeders. They are not mournful about the change in season and they continue to chirp and make other noises letting us know that the weather makes little difference to them.

The same November shadows fall on the pathway of man. He also has his day of springtime, summer, autumn and winter. They fall softly, speaking of promise for days ahead and a time beyond. There are special things in every season that compensate us as we travel life’s pathway, and especially if one has a personal relationship with my God and Savior Jesus Christ who loves all mankind unconditionally. Our task is simply to confess our sin and accept His plan of Salvation.


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