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Lookin’ Back 11/10/11


November 16, 2011
Retyped by ELAINE G. COLE
To Sept. 4, 1901:

The last few days have been much like fall rainfall.

Rooms To Rent — Rooms for a small family over the Chautauqua News office enquire of A. B. Sheldon.

In the rush of work last week, we came near becoming Episcopalians, in that we left undone many things which ought to have been done. Among these was a mention of the meeting at the Presbyterian church Sunday evening under the auspices of the Anti-Aloon League. Mr. Brant of Buffalo could not come and Rev. O. E. Page of Altoona, Pa., was sent as a substitute. He presented the subject in a strong light and gave encouraging reports of the work already accomplished by the League.

Notice is hereby given that as my wife Rose has left her bed and board without just cause or provocation, I forbid all arties to trust her on my account, as I will not pay any debts of her contracting.

Dated Aug. 12, 1901

William M. Youngblood

School opened Monday, with a good attendance both of resident and foreign pupils. The classes are organized and the term’s work begun with prospect of a successful year.

Most of the teachers have left for their various posts of duty. Laura Sheldon returned to Warren Saturday morning; Misses Newell and Dewy left for North East Saturday afternoon. Miss Bligh started Monday for Oneonta.

The ruling price of butter at Jamestown last week was not 20 and a half cents as stated. In fact there was no ruling price as the bids were not satisfactory to the sellers and most of it was withdrawn. This item was by mistake left in from the week before.

Is there anyone in this vicinity who taught or attended school in a log schoolhouse? If so will he or she please report to the news office.

To Dec. 23, 1981:

Carlos Stebbins had a dog. It was a nice dog and came from Celebrate, Ohio. It was a present. It came by express and the charges were $2.50. The next morning after its arrival, Carlos let it out to exercise a little, and the dog took a beeline for Ohio. Two days later a letter was received announcing the dog’s safe arrival home after a pleasant journey of 125 miles. Carlos thought he would go out of the dog business for a while.

Several couples of Sherman young people attended an entertainment a Findley’s Lake.

Cobb and Freeman made arrangements with a party who would put in machinery for making baskets material. The plant would be in operation in a short time.

A housekeeping hint was offered; “to neutralize the smell of cabbage while cooking, cook onions at the same time. If you wish to destroy the smell onions, burn the hose down.”

The Corbett Hose boys would endeavor to entertain the public at both supper and dance Dec. 24.

Hettie Brothers closed a successful term of school in the Nettle Hill district on Friday. She would begin a term at South Ripley on Monday and was engaged to teach at Nettle Hill in the spring.

A patron of the Stockton school became angry at the treatment of his son, went to the schoolhouse and had a set-to with the teacher. He got the worst of it and then started after his gun, which his wife had thoughtfully hid. The courts would probably settle the matter.


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