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Winter or emergency WACS closings

November 16, 2011
Westfield Republican
WESTFIELD — When there are hazardous and winter weather conditions, the decision to close school, have a delayed starting time in the morning, or dismiss students early, is made by the superintendent of schools, in consultation with the Westfield Academy and Central School bus supervisor and the Westfield Highway Department.

Usually the decision is made by 6:15 a.m. on the day that school will be closed. The highway superintendent, state police, sheriff’s department, Westfield Police Department and others gather as much information as possible on the weather forecast, drifting snow and road conditions. If the decision is made to close school, the WACS Superintendent calls the following radio stations: WKSE (98.5 FM); WBEN (930 AM); WTSS (102.5 FM); WDOE (1410 AM); WBKX (96.5 FM)WKSN (1340 AM); WHUG (101.9 FM); WJTN (1240 AM); WWSE (93.3 FM); and WQFX (103.1 FM).

Closings will also be aired on television on channels 2, 4, 7 and 12. A parent broadcast announcement will also be sent out. After word of the school closing is received, the stations listed announce the school closing at regular intervals, as often as every 10 minutes, throughout the early morning. At certain times it may be advantageous to delay opening schools for one or two hours. This allows time for the roads to be cleared more thoroughly, for ice to melt and for school personnel to obtain additional weather information. During a delayed school opening, there are two bus runs, but each run is approximately one hour or two hours later than usual. Delayed school openings are announced by the same radio and TV stations. All students and parents are requested to listen to their radios each morning in order to receive school closing information. Do not call the school to ask if school is in session. If it is not announced on the radio and TV that Westfield Academy and Central School is closed, there will be school as usual.

When school is closed, all after school and evening activities, scheduled practices, rehearsals and programs are also canceled. Students who attend BOCES programs should also listen to the radio for announced closings. There are days when there will be school in Westfield, but BOCES is closed because of different road conditions in that area. When the Westfield School is closed, there will be no bus service to BOCES. When BOCES is closed, and WACS is open, special class students who attend BOCES programs should remain at home.


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