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The votes are in

Voters across the county chose local leaders, voted on propositions

November 16, 2011
The results are in for elections around the county after voting occurred for multiple candidates and issues this past Tuesday.

Town of Chautauqua

Town Supervisor — Donald Emhardt ran unopposed and received 406 votes.

Town Clerk — Sheila Hammond ran unopposed and received 532 votes

Town Council — Two seats were up for election and James V. Kurtz received 381 votes while Kenneth Burnett received 339 votes.

Highway Superintendent — Timothy H. Wendell ran unopposed and received 511 votes.

Town of Clymer

Town Supervisor — Caniel J. Caflisch ran unopposed and received 298 votes.

Town Clerk — Cynthia L. Willink ran unopposed and received 292votes.

Town Council — Two seats were up for election and of the three candidates, Travis B. Heiser received 246 votes, Norman H. Upperman received 235 votes and Howard Holthouse was not elected with 124 votes.

Highway Superintendent — Scott E. Trisket defeated Clifford J. Foster 281 to 31 votes.

Town Tax Collector — Martha C. Keys ran unopposed and received 282 votes.

Town of French Creek

Town Supervisor — David J. White ran unopposed and received 74 votes.

Town Clerk — Arlene R. Bemis ran unopposed and received 80 votes.

Town Council — Two seats were up for election and George C. Yaiko received 74 votes while Paul W. Carey received 71 votes.

Highway Superintendent — Arthur J. Malecki ran unopposed and received 83 votes.

Town Tax Collector — Lois J. Sphon defeated Janae E. Ryan 49 to 37 votes.

Town of Harmony

Town Supervisor — Mark Stow ran unopposed and received 197 votes.

Town Clerk — Shelly J. Johnson ran unopposed and received 191 votes.

Town Council — Two seats were up for election and Jeffrey T. Jordan received 195 votes while William A. Lawson received 183 votes.

Highway Superintendent — Timothy P. Card ran unopposed and received 202 votes.

Town Tax Collector — Carrie D. Finnerty ran unopposed and received 204votes.

Town of Mina

Town Council — Two seats were up for election and Scott L. Bensink received 146 votes while David T. Wilcox received 141 votes.

Town of North Harmony

Town Supervisor — Sally P. Carlson ran unopposed and received 510 votes.

Town Clerk — Nancy M. Thomas ran unopposed and received 510 votes.

Town Justice — Everett R. Bensink defeated Rene M. Yates 344 to 258 votes.

Town Council — Two seats were up for election and Ralph I. Whitney received 457 votes, Mac McNeill received 351 votes and Randall S. Shearer was not elected with 197 votes.

Highway Superintendent — Dan H. Strickland ran unopposed and received 344 votes.

Town of Portland

Town Justice — Richard G. Delcamp ran unopposed and received 452 votes.

Town Council — Two seats were up for election and Gary L. Miller received 425 votes, Al Valentin received 386 votes and David L. McIntyre was not elected with 240 votes.

Town of Ripley

Town Supervisor — Douglad A. Bowen defeated Jeffry D. Lyon 401 to 163 votes.

Town Clerk — Rebecca R. Carvallo ran unopposed and received 492 votes.

Town Justice — Vera L. Hustead ran unopposed and received 466 votes.

Town Council — Two seats were up for election and Robert A. McIntosh received 357 votes, Michael J. Rowe received 325 votes and Andrew J. Knight was not elected with 299 votes.

Highway Superintendent — Michael L. Knight defeated Bradley J. Yokom 321 to 241 votes.

Town of Sherman

Town Supervisor — Mark D. Persons ran unopposed and received 141 votes.

Town Clerk — Deanna S. Crossley ran unopposed and received 180 votes.

Town Justice — James L. VanVolkenburg ran unopposed and received 171 votes.

Town Council — Two seats were up for election and James L. Higginbotham received 154 votes, Bessie V. Endress received 141 votes and James J. Irwin was not elected with 49 votes.

Highway Superintendent — Dennis R. Sweatman ran unopposed and received 168 votes.

Town of Westfield

Town Supervisor — Martha R. Bills defeated Stuart Delaplaine 684 to 549 votes.

Town Clerk — Timothy C. Smith ran unopposed and received 1,023 votes.

Town Justice — James J. Spann ran unopposed and received 823 votes.

Town Council — Two seats were up for election and David S. Brown received 967 votes while James R. Herbert Sr. received 936 votes.

Highway Superintendent — David Babcock ran unopposed and received 1,142 votes.

Proposition No. 1 — There were 597 votes against and 586 votes for a proposition which would have increased the terms of office for the Town Supervisor, Town Clerk and Highway Superintendent from two to four years.

County Legislative District 22

James W. Hemmer defeated Frederick G. Bertrando 770 to 564 votes.

Chautauqua County

State Supreme Court Justice — Patrick H. Nemoyer ran unopposed and received 18,490 votes.

Proposition One — There were 18,125 votes for and 2,787 votes against a proposition to reduce the county legislature to no greater than 19.


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