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Title search for property owners of the corner of Main, Elm Streets

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November 9, 2011
By Marybelle Beigh, Current Westfield Historian
New series — Updated histories of various diners in Westfield 1900 to 2011

One of the exciting times, while researching historic sites in the Westfield business district, is when a business proprietor is willing and able to share a Title Search, dating back to the original Holland Land Company purchase for the parcel of land on which their business resides.

Sharon Sweet, the current proprietor in 2011 of the Main Diner at the corner of Main and Elm Streets in Westfield, recently shared two copies of such a Title Search to the Westfield Historian for determining names of the owners of the Main Diner, as well as the dates of ownership of the property. As readers probably know, but it bears repeating, a Title Search does not necessarily identify when particular buildings or other structures were built or placed on the land, but sometimes the deeds or wills included in the search will provide some clues or leads.

Since Elm Street, although it was one of the earliest streets laid out in Westfield, did not go all the way to where it now junctions with Main Street, the history of that parcel of land, and the structures between what is now the telephone building, and what was, until recently, Sciarrino’s News Room at 44 East Main, provides a fascinating background to the history of the diners at that location. A brief note in the Nov. 30, 1921 Westfield Republican states that the entrance to Elm Street at Main Street was widened by the removal of the Macomber building. The recent series of BeeLines has detailed information about this parcel, found primarily on pre-Civil War Westfield Maps, Chautauqua County Atlas Maps, and Sanborn Maps between 1886 and 1923, to document buildings prior to the first diner on the land, the Modern Club Diner, in 1929.

From the Title Searches, the following is a summary of the history at that site from 1800 to 1930.

1. Holland Land Company to Nathan S. Roberts — Warranty deed, 1809

2. Nathan S. Roberts to David Eason — Quit-claim deed, 1833

3. David Eason to James McClurg — Warranty deed, 1811

4. James McClurg to James McMahan — Warranty deed, 1821

5. James McMahan to Henry Abell — Warranty deed, 1822

Note: No deed on record from Henry Abell or to Charles C. Tupper of premise in question.

6. Charles C. Tupper to Elisa Ann Ray — Warranty deed, 1832

7. Lorenzo Tyler and Eliza Ann, his wife to Orvis Nichols, 1836; acknowledged and recorded, 1857

8. In 1839, Lorenzo Tyler sold by quit-claim deed a portion of the parcel to James McClurg, on which McClurg erected a brick barn.

9. Orvis Nichols to Watson S. Hinckley — Warranty deed, 1857, with exception

10. Watson S. Hinckley to Mary A. Knapp — Warranty deed, 1858, with exception and addition

11. Mary A. Knapp to Mary E. Hathaway — Warranty deed, 1863, with exception

12. Mary E. Hathaway to Oliver Lyon — Warranty deed, 1864, same as no. 11

13. Oliver Lyon to Mary M. Jones — Warranty deed, 1866, same as no. 11

14. Mary M. Jones, milliner in failing health, to sister, Esther J. Macomber — Trust,1875

15. Mary M. Jones and Esther J. Macomber, as assignee of Mary M. Jones to Edward A. Skinner — Warranty deed, 1876

Note: No. 15 may be like a mortgage as Skinner is Bank admin

16. Mary M. Jones, last will and testament, 1897, to sister Esther J. Macomber, real property as designated in 11; naming Esther J. Macomber and S.W. Mason executors

17. Mary M. Jones, deceased Nov. 20, 1898, will probate, letters testamentary granted to Esther J, Macomber and S.W. Mason, 1899

18. Esther J. Macomber, last will and testament probate of Sep. 30, 1919 states that Esther J. Macomber died Oct. 4, 1918

19. Nellis M. Cross, the only surviving heir-at-law of Elizabeth Cross, deceased sister of Mary M. Jones, and wife Lillie E. Cross quit-claim deed of April 21, 1919 to Nettie Macomber, Florence L. Macomber, Blanch Macomber and Mabel Macomber

20. Silas W. Mason, the sole surviving executor of last will and testament of Mary M. Jones, deceased, executor’s deed of Sept. 12, 1919 to Grace S. Tennant, trustee by agreement of thirteen heirs of Mary M. Jones. Tract or parcel of land at corner of East Main and Elm Streets, bounded on north by East Main Street; on east by lands of John F. Allen; on south by lands of Frederick J. Franz; and on west by Elm Street.

21. Mary A. Knapp to Sextus H. Hungerford, mortgage of Nov. 9, 1961 discharged Sept. 19, 1921; parcel 1 and more

22. Mary A. Knapp to Sextus H. Hungerford, mortgage of July 8, 1862 discharged Sept. 19, 1921; parcel 1 and more

23. Mary A. Knapp and W.H. Knapp to S.H. Hungerford, Mortgage of Jan. 20, 1863 discharged Sept. 19, 1921; Parcel 1 & more

24. Grace S. Tennant, trustee, to Frank W. Crandall and Charles E. Welch, trustee’s deed of Sept. 15, 1921; premises described in no. 20

25. Frank W. Crandall and wife Catharine, Charles E. Welch and wife Julia, to the Village of Westfield N.Y., deed of July 12, 1922; same premises as in no, 20, except the portion of Parcel 1 and more that is still the lot on which the Main Diner buildings are located in 2011

26. Frank W. Crandall and wife Catharine, Charles E. Welch and wife Julia, to Emmanuel Triantfellow, a.k.a Manuel, deed of July 12, 1922, the excepted vacant lot that would eventually become the location of the Main Diner buildings currently in 2011

27. Emmanuel Triantafelow to State Bank of Mayville, mortgage of July 22, 1922, for premises of no. 26. Mortgage discharged June 16, 1930.

28. State Bank of Mayville, N.Y., to Anthony Caras, assignment of mortgage of no. 27., Jan. 28, 1929. Note that Anthony Caras was the proprietor of The Olympian, a.k.a Tony’s Ice Cream Parlor, just across Main Street. Also Tony Cara and Manuel Triantafelow were both from Greece, both Westfield restaurant proprietors, and had been friends since they immigrated to the U.S. in the early 1900s.

29. Emmanuel Triantafelow to Anthony Caras, a second mortgage of Jan. 29, 1929, also discharged June 16, 1930 along with no. 27.

Tony Caras was well known for his generous assistance to many local business entrepreneurs.

Diners of Westfield update series will be continued in future BeeLines.

Marybelle Beigh is the current Public Historian for the Town and Village of Westfield. Her office is located at 3 East Main Street in Westfield, N.Y, 14787 — inside Parkview Ice Cream Parlor. Her scheduled office hours are Monday through Friday 9 to 11 a.m.; other hours by appointment.

Beigh can be reached at or by calling 326-2457 (office), 326-6171 (home) or 397-9254 (cell).


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