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Economy lacks modernization

November 9, 2011
David R. Correll
Letter to the editor of The Westfield Republican,

Simple increases in productivity merely allow work to be produced by fewer workers. But innovative productivity produces thing that do more tasks, better and cheaper, creating the need for new, higher skilled jobs.

Early in the industrial revolution, Eli Whitney invented the cotton gin which increased simple productivity, but later invented interchangeable manufacturing, making standard parts which could be quickly assembled to make a rifle instead of using hand tools to fit each part. Modern machines would not be possible without the increased precision of interchangeable parts. More recently, innovated productivity by Apple and Microsoft has also vastly increased the scope and productivity of the information industries.

Clearly, greater productivity requires both parallel advancement in education and technology. But in major industries, lack of public will is the major shortcoming. Our economy has obvious unmet needs to modernize the efficiency and reliability of our national electrical system to power regions in need; and to replace fossil fuels with renewable ones, as well as developing compatible transport vehicles.

Now, our power-hungry public sector and greedy private sector have let ignorance, doubt and weakness of will obstruct our critical economic progress. Equally strong political and capitalistic means must reverse this. As a critical initial step, Congress must demonstrate leadership by giving priority to wise economic decisions to replace the foolish ones made in order to gain partisan power.

For example, the right often states that the left’s actions have not created jobs and in its next breath states that the wealthiest among us are those who create jobs, and therefore must be protected. But employment has not improved, so where are these jobs created by the wealthy? Obviously, the intuition of the right lacks logic and fact, as is true of much political speech designed to engage immature minds which are emotionally attracted to “ideologies for idiots in order to win elections” — Idiot, one who is mentally deficient or makes counterproductive decisions, Wikipedia.

David R. Correll

Westfield, N.Y.


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