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Second History of Ripley held with the hope of more in the future

November 9, 2011
RIPLEY — As time goes on, our day-to-day lives are molded by advancing technology. The music we listen to, the places we work, how we get around and the way we communicate seem to change and become more and more high-tech as time goes on. Within the blink of an eye, a new iPhone model is on the market. The automobile has evolved over and over again to the point where one looking to purchase a car can choose from over 40 manufacturers in the United States, let alone the variety of models available.

“It’s amusing to me to see all these cars at the school,” Dorothy Luke said at the second installment of the History of Ripley meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 18.

She recalled walking at least half a mile with her sister at a young age to their school which housed eight classrooms.

Several people attended the second installment of the History of Ripley, including many who were also at the first half. Many of the listeners brought pictures this time, recalling school days and the intense winter of 1944.

Another History of Ripley meeting is set to be held after Thanksgiving, with the hopes of beginning a monthly club dedicated to the history of the town.

Did you know?

• Ripley’s first schoolhouse was built 1817, 13 years after Alexander Cochrane, the first settler in Ripley, built his home. The school was made of poles and logs, the center spaces filled in with clay.

• In 1820, a teacher’s wage was anywhere from $6 to $20 per month.

• Another settler, William Alexander, arrived in Ripley circa the same time as Cochrane. He planted the first orchard in Ripley, and according to the Chautauqua Farmer, it was considered the “finest orchard in this vicinity” for many years. According to Ripley’s website, the first vineyards were established around the same time.

• Today, there are seven wineries in the Ripley area, not including Westfield.

• B.F. Goodrich was born in 1841 on the west end of town. He established the first rubber factory in the United States.

• Until 1849, the official spelling was of Chautauqua was Chautauque.

For more fun facts visit, the Ripley Library and its historical section.

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Article Photos

Photo by Katie Atkins
From left to right, David Hawker, Mavorette Rater and Eleanor Bane take a walk down memory lane during the History of Ripley Part II event on Tuesday, Oct. 18 at the Ripley Free Library.



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