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Lookin’ Back 10/27/11


November 2, 2011
Retyped by ELAINE G. COLE
TO: September 1896

The civil serviced commission has issued an order to federal office holders warning all employees against seeking or making contributions for campaign purposes.

The total receipts at Chautauqua this year sources are $55,000 or within about two percent of receipts of 1895.

A gas well has been struck on Adison Burton’s place at Ripley, which promises to be of some value. The flow at present is more than enough to supply the whole town.

Charles Morse of Findley’s Lake was seriously injured last week by being gored by a maddened bull. The horn entered his side making a bad wound.

John Hitchcock of Mayville has erected a large dance hall to be known as “Locust Grove Hall” in which he will give a series of old fashioned dances this fall.

SHERMAN — The annual corn feast of the Epworth League was enjoyed by a number of people at E.O. Buss’ on Tuesday of last week.

The windmill did good business Sunday and Monday, and the register shows 12 feet of water in the tank, but it is said that it lacks a foot of that.

A corn roast back of the Hotel Sherman was the attraction for a number of people, married and single, Friday evening.

The water work tank was full Thursday for the first time, and the mill had to be shut off.

All young men interested in forming a McKinley and Hobart marching club are requested to meet at Town Hall, Wednesday evening, Sept. 9.

Quite a number took in the Niagara Falls excursion, Monday among who were Mrs. T.W. Skinner and John, Miss McDowell, Ella Pabody and Arthur Taggart.


Paris papers urge the French brides of American soldiers to demand that their husbands remain in France when the war is over. Now let us observe which is boss — a French bride or an American soldier.

Considering some of the concoctions imported from Germany under the name of sausage it is not surprising that the Tautens have been successful in the devising of obnoxious gases.

We are threatened with woman barbers, no will it be possible for women to learn that razors are to shave with rather than to cut laundry soap and corns and sharpen pencils?


Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Dulmus spent the weekend visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Dulmus and family at Dayton, Ohio.

In a hard fought game in the snow and rain, Clymer defeated Sherman 19-7, Saturday afternoon, October 26.

Mrs. Nan Endres installed as Noble Grand of Rebekahs.

Alberta Henry was elected president of the Sherman Music Parents.

CLYMER — Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Newhouse were callers Sunday of Mrs. Amy Newhouse and Mrs. Dena Howles.

Harold Legters met with a painful accident on Tuesday night when a window fell and cut the artery in his forehead, close to his eye. Several stitches were required to close the wound.


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