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Seasoned Change

November 2, 2011
Tom Baideme
By Tom Baideme

September 2010

When summer days are on the wane

Temperature starts to feel like fall

Then it’s time to start to think

Of a shelter yet realized

Thought of other years before

Of cars, garages, boxes, barns

Start to think of ways to warm

Part of the shelter that I’m Inn

Try to convert gas water heater

Into a paper-burning stove

Try to take the chill away

Even if it’s just on the floor

Have to finish moving from my summer shade

And to the basement once again

There to spend my harvest time

Sleeping in the dark of day

‘Cause now it’s time to go to work

To press the grapes fresh off the vine

And hold it in suspended animation

Frozen in their concentration cans

Maybe juice for wines and jellies

Or grape crème pie with ala mode

Whatever means you need to use

To make this season’s change again.


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