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Just Outside My Door 10/20/11

October 26, 2011
The lovely weather we were blest with a week or so ago has disappeared and our outdoor thermometer dropped to 48 degrees last Saturday. Mr. Wind had increased tremendously and the trees were quickly becoming disrobed. Soon all except evergreens will be naked, but I’m not discouraged, for our outdoors will seem much bigger. That’s because I’ll be able to see neighbors’ houses and even through the trees to the creek in our Locust Haven. With the change we had in our weather, I also heard the howling wind just outside my door. Sometimes it sounded like it was singing or crooning, but then again it seems like its moaning, but it also reminds me that whatever it sounds like, God created the trees and after ever creation He said “it was good.” One thing for sure, whether one likes it or not, this time of year when the wind blows fiercely we can know that the new season is fast approaching.

Wind blowing is caused by warmer air rising and it has speed and direction. It is amazing in many ways because it is powerful and can create energy. It plays an important role in nature and has been harnessed for many years in a variety of ways. It was first harvested on the Nile to power sailboats down the river and in recent years we have heard a lot about its use to furnish power for wind turbines which are used to create energy.

Other uses of wind power are pumps, battery chargers, grain mills, generators, electrolysis, gliders, airplanes and more. It also helps plants and seeds grow by moving sods around and on hot summer days the wind offers a cooling breeze, especially under the trees. Often farmers use turbines to run their equipment. Using wind power doesn’t produce environmental or health hazards like nuclear energy does. The greatest user of wind power is the United States.

Certainly the wind is powerful and it’s great to be able to harness it to create electricity. However, man must recognize that sometimes it causes havoc in areas. The highest documented wind speed ever was when a tornado that reached 218 miles per hour, and possibly 500 miles per hour. I’m thankful we seldom have such storms in our area and my prayers are with all those who suffered in such a storm which created great losses including the lives of loved ones.


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