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Retired Bowling 10/04/11

October 19, 2011
Tuesday, Oct. 4

There were 28 bowlers present at North Lanes. Welcome two new bowlers, Nancy Stall and Don Thomas. The winner of the first jackpot was Dorothy Post with a score of 245 followed by Les Yokom, 224, and Dave Brooker, 228. Splits were picked up by: Joe Schuster, 3-10; Bareb Brooker, 3-10; Laura Parement, 3-10 and Shirley Wolink, 4-7-9. High scores were recorded by: Les Yokom, 222-194-196-612; Dan Snow, 184-189-187-560; Larry Janes, 202-181-180-563; Dorothy Post, 174; Ellen Brooker, 143-153-155-451; Judy Schuster, 145; Wolink141; Lil Saunders 152; Dave Brooker 180; Barb Brooker 148; Peggy Tanner 152; George Tanner 191-173-528; Joe Schuster 185-179-503; Neal Johnson, 182-182-183-547. Winning was Team 2: Nancy Staal, Barb Brooker, Fred Utegg, Dorothy Post; Yokom, Louise Richer, Bev Tetreault, George Tanner, Johnson, Joe Schuster, Ron Kent, Laura Parment, Elanor Huffman and Judy Ottaway. Losers were Team 1: Carol Kent, Dave Brooker, Janes, Cookie Boser, Wolink, Butch Joint, Saunders, Peggy Tanner, Steph Powell, Judy Schuster, Claire Post, Dan Snow, Dan Thomas and Ellen Brooker.


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