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Over the Backyard Fence in Sherman 10/06/11

October 19, 2011

Sherman Stanley Hose Co. memorials and donations Memorials Eleanor Burgess Donald and Charlotte Hoover, Robert Meeder, Loren and Marydawn Meeder, Bobby and Deane Vaughn and Family, Bessie Endress, Marilyn Coe Paul Warnshuis, Ken and Benda Warnshis, Bessie Endress, Ross Field and Janet Loomis Sara Pratt, Paul and Pam Fisher, Mary Reyda, Rachel Donelson, Irene Plumb, June Hazen, John Weeks and Family Lois Crandal XYZ Club Donations Vic and Linda Cornelio, Doug and Joan Frey, Elizabeth Sincox, First Baptist Church of Sherman Ambulance Joyce Alyers and Debbie VanDyke Fund Drive Sunshine Honey Happy birthday greetings Oct. 13: Danielle Wasylink, Jim chambers Jr., Miriam Dye, William Long Oct. 14: JoAnn Barron, Chad Cole, Kim Coon, Hillary Durr, mark Graham, Megan Richardson, Tylor Richardson, Joe Smith Oct. 15: Shannon Biekarack, Brian Raven Oct. 14: JoAnn Barron, Chad Cole, Kim Coon, Hilary Durr, Mark Graham, Megan Richardson, Taylor Richardon, Joe Smith Oct. 15: Shannon Biekarack, Brian Raven Oct. 16: Ella Paddleford Oct. 17: Andew Bemis, Colin French, Alexis Rose Ochlbeck, Alice Price, Brittany Roskie, Pam Watrous Oct. 18: Denise Ohman, Julia May Rater, Mary Smith Oct. 19: Ted Richard Dewey 11, Matthew Graham Happy anniversary greetings Oct. 14: Bruce and Leia Berry Oct. 16: Doug and Rose Craane, Seth and Annette Brown Oct. 17: Stevan and Christine Hatfield Oct. 18: Vic and Linda Cornelio



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