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Lookin’ Back


October 12, 2011
Retyped by ELAINE G. COLE
To: October 1918

Sherman area

Wellington Bacon has been promoted to the office of Corporal. In a recent letter to his mother, he said, “I am sitting in a trench writing this letter. I am sitting in a trench writing this letter. I am out on the range in charge of a detail. We come out every morning and go in at night, carrying our lunches.”

Last night about eight o’clock, fire was discovered in the large stock barn of Huge Howe on the Summerdale road, and the great building was soon a mass of flames.

It isn’t a case of may, can, might, would or should when it comes to buying Liberty bonds. It’s a case of must if you are a wage earner, or else be classed as pro-German and a slacker.

Mr. Pickard urges the saving of the apple crop, that people from the larger communities go out and pick their own apples, that they volunteer their help to harvest the crop have apple gathering parties, etc. Nearly every year, apples rot on the ground in the country, while city people pay exorbitant prices or go without.

Saul Eades is probably the champion wheat grower in this vicinity. From five acres of spring wheat, he threshed 200 bushels of good grain.

War News

In an attack against the American outpost south of Archangel the Bolshevik sustained considerable losses. Three officers and 27 of the crew of the American steamer Buena Ventura have arrived at Coruna, Spain. The Vessel was torpedoed last Monday. Three boats with 64 of the crew are missing.


There are 4,500 cases of Spanish influenza at the Great Lakes naval straining station, and thee have been more than a hundred deaths since Sept. 9, according to a statement issued by Capt. William Moffett. He declared the situation is well in hand.

National prohibition, effective next July 1 for the period of the war, was approved by the house, which adopted, 134 to 27, the senate prohibition rider to the $112,000 emergency agricultural appropriation bill. The measure now will be sent to conference.

President Wilson proclaimed Saturday, Oct .12, the 426th anniversary of the discovery of America as Liberty Day, and called upon all citizens to celebrate it to simulate a generous response to the fourth Liberty loan.

To: October 1743

Sherman parents who are worrying over their son’s chances of returning from fighting fronts need only turn to a report of the national Safety Council report of last week to come to the conclusion that the battlefield is probably a safer place to be than in the normal American home life.

A three-pound potato thought to be about the largest grown in this vicinity, was displayed proudly this week by Harold Warner at his farm near Summerdale. The tuber is white, smooth-skinned and very well formed.

J.J. Henry, Sr., Elmdale Farm, Sherman, is offering to sell some of his Guernsey bulls and accept Series B. War Bonds at full value in payment.

Registration for ration book four will start on Tuesday.

To: October 1968

Miss Edith Barney and Charles Stansbury, Jr. joined in marriage at 11 a.m. Sept. 28 in the Community Church.

The Wildcats went down to their third defeat of the year at Pine Valley, 20-7.

The Stanley Hose Co. of Sherman began laying blocks for their new fire hall, Saturday, Oct. 12. Eight hundred blocks were laid in four hours. More work was done on Sunday to make a total of about 2,000 blocks laid.

It’s getting dangerous to housewives of Clymer to leave a wash out over night. Mrs. Jack Fair had four sheets stolen off her line on Monday night. Jack says if the thieves come back, they have the pillowcases to match.


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