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A poem to treasure found while sorting through old memories


October 12, 2011
By Marybelle Beigh, Current Westfield Historian
As many readers know, your Westfield Historian is blessed to have her 94-year-old mother nearby, and she is still “as sharp as a tack.” As 94-year-old mothers who are also great-grandmothers are wont to do, Fran Anderson is busily sorting through her collections of memorabilia, discarding as much as possible, giving away items that may be of interest to the younger family members and still holding on to few items or “ephemera” that are too precious to yet let go.

One of the items located recently was a photocopy of a poem that was written by Billie Dibble, which she had given to my mother with the following note: “I wrote this when I couldn’t find anything suitable for ‘Toast to Daughters’ for Mother Daughter Banquet.” It was signed Billie Dibble, but there is no date anywhere on the sheet of paper, which appears to have been photocopied from three note-sheets laid side by side and numbered 1, 2, 3. Mother gave the poem to me, and we agreed that it would be another bit of history to share with the readers of both Dibble’s Dabbles and BeeLines. So please enjoy.

Home — With Young Folks, Feminine Gender



Eventually – boys



Odd mittens

Stray kittens



Screen doors banging

Clothes — not hanging

Building blocks

Lines full of socks

Collections of rocks



Immunization shots

In package lots

Measles, chicken-pox and mumps

Cuts, bruises, egg-shaped bumps

A thousand nightly trips up-stairs

For tuck-in kisses and good-night prayers

Many an excited shout

When a tooth comes in or a tooth comes out

Nursery rhymes

Tooth-fairy dimes

Lucy Locket

Davey Crockett

Picking posies



Ring around tub

Trips to the zoo

Captain Kangaroo

Finger paints-modeling clay

Messy mud pies — paper mache’

Butterflies caught and butterflies freed

Shoes enough for a centipede

Kiddy-cars, skates, tricycles

Graduating into bicycles

(My Stars!

Soon they’ll want cars)

Shampooed and braided tresses

Playtime jeans and Sunday dresses

Dolls, balls, tops, boats

Lots of crinoline petticoats

Christmas and birthday celebrations

Always shared with our relations

Golden Rule

Sunday School

Sisterly bouts

Girl Scouts

Home work — wrong answers by dad

Report cards good — report cards bad

Learning music and other skills

And bills and bills and bills and bills

Squeaking clarinet – high school band

Parents too ancient to understand

I’ve mentioned only an occasional item

This thing could go on ad infinitum

Though we just can’t find words to suit you,

Our darling daughters, we salute you!

Marybelle Beigh is the current Public Historian for the Town and Village of Westfield. Her office is located at 3 East Main Street in Westfield, N.Y, 14787 — inside Parkview Ice Cream Parlor. Her scheduled office hours are Monday through Friday 9 to 11 a.m.; other hours by appointment.

Beigh can be reached at or by calling 326-2457 (office), 326-6171 (home) or 397-9254 (cell).


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