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Early harvest muse

October 19, 2011
By Tom Baideme
By Tom Baideme

September 2011

What a start to harvest time

What an array of sight and scent

Beginning with the glow of gold Niagaras

With the waif of ripened fruit

Then next thing brought in dark Fredonias

With that certain look and smell

Seems darker than the standard Concord

Near off the spectrum to almost Black

Then begin the run of Concord

Steady on for weeks on end

Maybe stop after Sunday next

to clean up for the kosher crew

Three more weeks and maybe longer

With what seems to be better than average yield

Maybe stretch to late October

To get all the berries off the vine

So, here I sit and stand and walk

Pandering past my tanks of juice

Tossing in the silt by hand

To give substance to the juice within

Then onto the filter wheel

That keeps on churning day by day

Filtering the blood of harvest

Till the last tote come my way

So it seems to go so far

Steady on till all’s complete

End of season once again

Till another harvest comes around


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