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A tribute to talented hands

Moseyin’ Along

October 12, 2011
By Joyce Schenk, COLUMNIST
Some time ago, my doctor ordered a new treatment for a pesky foot problem I was having. His prescription for improvement included half-hour foot and ankle massage therapy sessions.

Once I started the program, I quickly decided the treatments were as close to heaven as I would get here on Earth. Heavenly was the only way to describe the results when one of the team of talented therapists did their magic. Each time, I had an overwhelming urge to utter a deep and satisfied “Ahhhhh.”

I watched these exceptional folks carefully and tried to duplicate their moves at home. Sadly, my hands weren’t up to the challenge. In their case, thanks to inborn talent coupled with long training and practice, they knew exactly how to relieve my ongoing soreness and muscle tension. No matter how well I was motivated, I knew my hands would never do the same.

That realization set me to thinking about the range of talents our hands hold. To me, it’s both amazing and humbling to consider the strengths and abilities found in the hands of different folks.

For instance, I may be able to hold a pencil or a paint brush, but my hands will never be able to produce the exquisite drawings or paintings my gifted neighbor Sally, a lifelong artist, creates with ease.

And in my hands, a tennis racket is all but useless. In the hands of Venus Williams, it can win a Wimbledon Championship.

My hands can pick out a tune on our electric keyboard. But, under the hands of Roger Williams, a keyboard can fill a concert hall with music to thrill the heart.

In my hands, a comb and brush can successfully keep my hair out of my eyes, but leave little in the way of style. In the hands of a talented beautician — like my long-ago stylist Cindy Rothenberger of Findley Lake — a brush and comb can turn a bride-to-be into a princess and a prom date into Cinderella.

Although I’ve done a fair share of sewing, when I wield a needle my work is limited to such mundane tasks as mending a torn seam or patching a ripped sleeve. In the gifted hands of someone like my friend Sarah, a needle can create a keepsake quilt.

Pots and pans in my hands manage to produce nutritious enough meals to keep my family fed. But, in the hands of a gourmet chef like our pal Jim, pots and pans can result in a feast fit for a king.

Still, even though my hands aren’t as gifted as some in the areas of art, music, hair styling or gourmet cooking, I’m thrilled they have helped me to create over 1,000 Moseyin’ Along columns as well as countless other published pieces.

I’m filled with awe at the special God-given talents that lie in the hands of each and every one of us. By developing and sharing those gifts throughout our lifetimes, we not only achieve a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction, but also bring joy to others.

And, when some day we all gather in heaven, I’m certain there will be a special place along the streets of gold reserved for angels like those who took my feet into their hands and used the magic of massage therapy.


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