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Just Outside My Door

October 5, 2011
Hello folks. I sit in my study writing on a dreary, cloudy day with intermittent rain. It’s not really cold, but in the low 60’s. I guess that’s about average on the first day of autumn. Nevertheless, we have had a couple beautiful, sunny days earlier this week. I should have planted the spring bulbs I purchased a few weeks ago, but I did some laundry and hung it out, cut back my rambler roses and weeded along our backyard fence instead. It was much too nice to spend the day inside. I also went up to school to take some pictures of Spirit Week. It was nice to see how the students greatly enjoyed doing some fun things each day of the week.

Speaking of school, it seems I’ve spent several days recently covering activities there. I love interacting with children of all ages so I enjoy going there. Since my kids are all grown up, I’m thankful that, because our grandchildren and great-grandchildren are in Sherman school, I keep well informed of activities there and we like to support it when we can. It also reminds me of yesteryear when we had five children in that school

As I think about those long ago days, I remembered the column I wrote in 1979 using a poem by Sandra Dunham. I can’t say I agreed with all the things she wrote about, such as the first day kids return to school after summer vacation, for I loved having them home and spending time with them. Nevertheless, I enjoyed her poem, especially the end of it. Hopefully you can partially identify with it or at least get a chuckle out of it.

Just sitting here thinking — t’was just a while ago.

Was I coming or a going? I really don’t know.

I had settled fights that lasted from June to labor day,

Put trucks and dolls back in their place — they never seem to stay.

The floor? A sandy shorefront — which some sneakers brought inside,

And by the first of August I was tempted just to hide.

I took the annual journey through the land of school Supplies,

Climbed mountains of materials to brighten up their eyes.

I got it all assembled and said “Boy will I shout —

The minute that big bus pulls out and those 4 kids pull out.

And then the big day happened and much to my delight

The four lined up with school supplies and the bus drove out of sight.

I yelled and screamed and said “Hurray, at last their goes my gloom.”

I moved the furniture around and vacuumed every room.

No more shouting! No more fighting! How lucky can one be?”

Radio, hum out your songs. Sweet silence comes to me!

I laid aside the dust cloth and walked out of the room

I walked into the sunlight — Who wants to clean a tomb?


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