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Lookin’ Back


October 5, 2011
Retyped by ELAINE G. COLE
To: October 1890

The village trustees have enacted by-laws and ordinances, which will be found elsewhere in this paper. They seem to be reasonable and conservative, and we think will be accepted as for the best interest of the whole village.

A portion of the stage in front of the brick block gave way Wednesday, and L.M. Hayward fell several feet, but caught one of the up rights and saved himself from going to the ground. He was somewhat bruised. Charles Hubard was on the staging, but some timbers in time to prevent falling.

The school marms have gone and the young men of Sherman are very lonesome.

Another severe frost Saturday morning, but crops are all out of the way.

The telephone line has been extended to Clymer, and connected with Finley’s Lake and French Creek wires. It will be built to Corry in the spring.

William Webber came into town Friday with a small load of apples for B.W. strong, and when opposite the post office, the horses turned suddenly to the right and the fore axletree broke, letting the load down into the road.

The Ladies of the Baptist society will give a chicken pie social at Page’s hall, on Friday evening, October 24. Supper served from six o’clock until nine.

Frank Eggleston of Westfield, from one acre of grapes, harvested six and one-half tons of fruit.

The rainfall from Saturday night to Monday morning was 235/100 inches.

Sidewalk socials are fashionable in Cherry Creek. Veranda socials are more common in Sherman.

Arbuckle’s coffee, 25 cents per lb. Flying Eagle smoking tobacco, 15 cents. Headlight kerosene oil, 10 cents at Newell’s Cash store.

The Fredonia Censor says a million dollars will be distributed along the lakeshore this autumn.

The steam saw mill of Archie McKeever, on the Hannum Rd., three miles west of Mayville, was burned Oct. 11. Loss $1,000; insured at $400.

Jamestown people are using ice shipped from Canada, the local supply being exhausted.

Capt. E.A. Burroughs has been appointed superintendent of dredging operations in the outlet of Chautauqua Lake.

The lake shore expects to double track its entire system between Buffalo and Chicago before Jan. 1, 1892.


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