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August Ides

October 5, 2011
Tom Baideme
Tom Baideme

August 2010

Inside the Cantina for more aqua and warmth

Cause there seems to be a chill outdoors

Here inside they got no news

No crossword puzzle of Sodu

But maybe someone will spend the buck

And play a song for me to hear

Instead of straining my ears

From somewhere way across the street

Chad, my oldest son, is here

Having a couple drinks with friends

And others visiting from afar

That’s who makes up this handful of souls

Some in the midst of some oration

As others watch the TV screen

For a chance to gather the latest score

Or some to check weather outdoors

Pretty slow for a Saturday night

Dog days of summer wane away

Not the busy holiday or fairs or roast

Not enough to fill the stools leaving only empty seats

So that’s the way it goes tonight

Nobody here with entourage

Remembering the days of old

When any weekend would have a crowd


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